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Recent Australian research has shown that healthy shark populations are crucial to the health of coral reefs.

Recent Australian research has shown that healthy shark populations are crucial to the health of coral reefs.

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A number of scientific studies have demonstrated that the depletion of sharks results in the loss of commercially important fish and shellfish species down the food chain, including key fisheries such as tuna that maintain the health of coral reefs.

As important apex predators, sharks have shaped marine life in the oceans for over 450 million years and are essential to the health of our oceans, and ultimately to the survival of humankind.

Live shark finning, the practice of cutting the fins from live sharks and dumping the body, is illegal in all jurisdictions in Australia, thanks largely to AMCS campaigning with ocean lovers around the country.

However, the legislation differs between various states, the Northern Territory and the Commonwealth, which makes it very difficult to monitor fisheries compliance with shark finning legislation.

This is not about whether sharks are more important than people, its merely an understanding that future generations need healthy oceans and healthy oceans need sharks to maintain them.

Sharks keep our oceans healthy, they are like the doctors of the oceans, removing the sick and the weak, they maintain the balance in our oceans.

Innovative approaches have been developed, such as a ‘clever buoys’ and shark tagging and monitoring, where tagged sharks “tweet” their location as they swim past underwater detectors.

We can use non lethal methods like these to help us avoid unnecessary shark attacks.

The shark’s critical role As the apex predators of the oceans, the role of sharks is to keep other marine life in healthy balance and to regulate the oceans. Other studies in Belize have shown reef systems falling into extreme decline when the sharks have been overfished, destroying an entire ecosystem.

Studies are already indicating that regional elimination of sharks can cause disastrous effects including the collapse of fisheries and the death of coral reefs. The downstream effects are frightening: the spike in grouper population (thanks to the elimination of sharks) resulted in a decimation of the parrotfish population, who could no longer perform their important role: keeping the coral algae-free and therefore reducing the oxygen quantities in our atmosphere.


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