Should Religion Be Taught In Public Schools Essay

In America, the most recent survey by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life found that 78.4 percent of the 35,000 or more respondents identified specifically as Christians — with only 6.3 percent declaring they were secular and unaffiliated with a religion.[2] The fact remains that people, more often than not, inherit their religious beliefs from parents or childhood mentors.There is a crucial period in which a child begins to ask questions about life and wonder about the origin of existence and, in a religious family, these questions are typically answered in a religious context.

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Many countries have state-run schools for this purpose (known as Madrasah Islamiyyah in Arabic; meaning "Islamic school").

One is that it constitutes a state sponsorship or establishment of whatever religious beliefs are taught.

Others argue that if a particular religion is taught in school, children who do not belong to that religion will either feel pressure to conform or be excluded from their peers.

This kind of religious education has drawn criticism because, it is argued, there is no neutral perspective from which to study religions and any kind of compulsory schooling is likely to impact on the formation of a student's religious identity Since people within a given country often hold varying religious and non-religious beliefs, government-sponsored religious education can be a source of conflict.

Countries vary widely in whether religious education is allowed in government-run schools (often called "public schools").


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