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more Die 2019 exakt 100 Jahre alte Staatsgrenze durch die Ötztaler Alpen hat ein bewegendes 20. Das machte ein ausgeapertes Fahrrad am Rotmoosferner deutlich, das im Sommer 2018 auf 3.000 Meter Höhe geborgen wurde: Nachforschungen zu den Umständen, wie ein Rad an diesen Ort gekommen sein könnte, eröffneten tiefe Einblicke in die teils dramatischen Geschichten rund um den Alpenhauptkamm, die von der Trennung von Familien über halsbrecherische Schmuggleraktionen, Flucht und Totschlag bis hin zu Sprengstoff- und Waffentransporten im Rahmen des Südtiroler „Freiheitskampfes“ reichen. I examine the role of tea smugglers in the Boston Tea Party and and how smugglers were behind much of the tensions that... more On the basis of recent research the article discusses the last years of the Spanish imperial transport system to the Indies sending year by year two fleets to each one of the viceroyaltas and its consequences in transatlantic communications as new informations on smuggling, even by high authorities, the increased power and earnings of the viceroys, disposing of much more Moneys than European kings combined with the poor results of the defensive Systems and the "flota de Barlovento", projects of reform Estudio sobre la relación entre las mujeres que habitan los territorios próximos a los Pirineos occidentales y la existencia de la multiplicidad de fronteras (fiscales, políticas, militares, regnícolas).

Ein interdisziplinäres Autorenteam beleuchtete diesen spannenden Aspekt der Zeitgeschichte, und ein Team von Archäologen setzte den Fund vom Rotmoosferner in einen weiteren Kontext: Zahlreiche Gletscherfunde gaben während der letzten Jahrzehnte spannende Einblicke in die Geschichte der Menschheit frei – und das starke Abschmelzen der Gletscher lässt in den kommenden Sommern noch zahlreiche weitere Funde erwarten. more This research project focuses on the complexities of the illicit tea trade as it relates to the American Revolution. Proudhon’s anarchism and its descendant theories provide frameworks in which archaeologists can critique and classify acts of resistance in inherent oppressive systems.

Relying on ethnographic work, archival research, and conceptual analyses, authors challenge the monolithic perceptions of smuggling as merely exploitative, inherently criminal, violent and male, by documenting the experiences of the people whose actions facilitate migration into Europe and the United States, across Africa, the Americas and the Pacific, and shedding light on everyday practices and interactions of mobility and their criminalization by the state.

Read the full-text of this RSCAS Book edited by Gabriella Sanchez and Luigi Achilli within the framework of the Migrant Smuggling Observatory.

Ces syndicats remettent en cause l'efficacité du système colonial et témoignent de l'incapacité de l'administration à contrôler véritablement le commerce de l'opium. Barts were actively engaged with illicit trade in ships, prize goods, and the transatlantic slave trade.

Whilst the Régie of opium constituted an economic foundation of French Indochina, its importance was challenged by the existence of a permanent smuggling ring. Ships’ crews, governors, and merchants took advantage of the islands’ physical, political, and legal environments to effectively launder goods, ships, and people that were actively involved in these activities. Thomas stands out due to the longevity of its status as a regional and international hub for illicit trade at the end of Atlantic and Caribbean privateering and piracy.

), ( ACROSS THE SHORE, SHORE OF THE ACROSS)Kıyı genellikle kara ile denizi birbirinden ayıran sınır olarak kabul edilmektedir.

Bu nedenle deniz ve kara söz konusu olduğunda kıyının, birbirlerinden farklı bu dünyaları "tanımlayan", "ayıran" zaman zaman ise birbirlerini "sınırlayan"...

The findings of this paper are that trafficking in persons is one of the most serious issues in Pakistan; that the current legal regime is not enough to combat this menace; that police and other officials are often themselves involved in this organized crime; that Pakistan could overcome this problem by strengthening legal regime and enhance punishments for offenders of this crime; that Pakistan must accede to the UN TIP Protocol and implement the same to overcome this problem. more In this chapter , I demonstrate how despite the military victory of the Turkish state over Kurdish revolts, these latter continued to exercise different forms of resistance - what James C. I will examine a phenomenon that has played a decisive role in the social life of the Kurdish regions since 1930s, namely qaçaxçîtî or "smuggling", trying to demonstrate how it constitutes a form of infra-politics for the Kurds during "the years of silence".

In this chapter , I demonstrate how despite the military victory of the Turkish state over Kurdish revolts, these latter continued to exercise different forms of resistance - what James C. I will consider qaçaxçîtî as a "spatial friction" against the state, particularly in Lice, a district of Diyarbakir province, and emphasize the intermingling of this phenomenon with the dynamics of larger social transformations that shake the traditional structures in their foundations.


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