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Obama, said on Friday: “President Obama has denounced racism and anti-Semitism his entire life.That includes his public and repeated repudiations of Louis Farrakhan’s views over the years.

Obama, said on Friday: “President Obama has denounced racism and anti-Semitism his entire life.That includes his public and repeated repudiations of Louis Farrakhan’s views over the years.

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May we find grace.— Julián Castro (@Julian Castro) April 21, 2019At first read, these statements come across as perhaps boilerplate, but nevertheless sincere expressions of grief following the horrible attacks that struck the island nation.In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka that have left some 290 dead (and many more injured), a number of prominent Democratic politicians and ex-politicians have taken to Twitter to express sympathy and solidarity with the victims—many of whom were Sri Lankan Christians attending Easter church services.On this holy weekend for many faiths, we must stand united against hatred and violence.Not for many conservatives on Twitter however, who saw in Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton's use of the term "Easter worshippers" an attempt to minimize the Christian identity of many of the victims, and obfuscate the religious motivations of the recent attacks. The term that these people are going to such painfully ludicrous lengths to avoid using is "Christian" XXB9k Xye— Brittany Pettibone (@Britt Pettibone) April 21, 2019 the religious motivations of these attacks, and the fact that they struck at Christian churchgoers as they were peacefully observing a religious holiday. Indeed, President Donald Trump's failure to say the word "Christian" in his tweeted response to these attacks attracted notably less outrage.138 people have been killed in Sri Lanka, with more that 600 badly injured, in a terrorist attack on churches and hotels. Trump (@real Donald Trump) April 21, 2019Silly as this is, it is nevertheless an incredibly predictable response, whereby any tragedy around the globe is quickly filtered through the lens of U. domestic politics as a way of opportunistically attacking one's partisan opponents."Issues are simply tools for the building process." One of Alinsky's insights was to realize how many stakeholders there were to organize. He created the Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council, a group bringing together unions, religious leaders, and other stakeholders in that area.He saw that the same grievances connected ordinary citizens, labor unions, churches, small businesses, and more — and if you could somehow get all those groups together, they were almost unstoppable. At its first meeting, Alinsky biographer Sanford Horwitt writes, the council passed resolutions calling for a new recreation facility, for child nutrition and disease prevention programs, and to ask the Armour meatpacking company to compromise with the nascent meatpackers' union.But he said that millions of others sympathized with the movement’s anticolonial stance and were inspired by its most famous member, Muhammad Ali. Farrakhan joined the Nation of Islam in the mid-1950s and rose quickly within the organization, becoming close to Malcolm X.After the assassination of Malcolm X in 1965, he became one of the most powerful members of the Nation and its chief spokesman, the position that Malcolm X had held.Farrakhan gave an anti-Semitic speech at his organization’s annual convention last month. 25 speech, which was given at an event for Saviour’s Day, a religious gathering of the Nation, ran for almost three hours. Farrakhan said that the “powerful Jews” were his enemies, and that Jews were “responsible for all of this filth and degenerate behavior that Hollywood is putting out turning men into women and women into men,” as well as other incendiary remarks.A religious fundamentalist whose group has been condemned by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Mr.


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