Sophomore Honors Research Paper

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You may propose your own idea, which could be based on course-work or an internship; or develop a thesis topic based on an on-going research area at Brown.Your thesis topic should be distinct from any project work undertaken during required engineering courses.The student will receive a list of available times to schedule his or her defense. The student defending is responsible for contacting and coordinating a time for his or her thesis advisor, committee person, and Honors College representative.

Furthermore, the student is expected to defend his or her thesis before a committee consisting of the thesis advisor, another scholar of faculty rank in the field of the thesis topic, and a member of the Honors College staff.

The committee should be selected by the student and formed before the student starts working.

The student is expected to provide a draft of the thesis to his or her committee members with sufficient time to read it before the defense.

Before the end of classes in the last week of the semester, the student must turn in a hard copy of the thesis with the signed signature page to the Honors College main office, and also, email a pdf file of the thesis including the signed signature page to Dr.

If the dates scheduled are not possible, the student should contact the Associate Dean for Research, Dr.

Seth Oppenheimer, at [email protected] other possible dates.To design a thesis program, you should work with a faculty member with expertise in your area of interest who can act as your thesis advisor.You can approach faculty members from whom you have taken classes, or use the faculty research pages to identify someone with relevant experience.Standards for graduate theses at Mississippi State University may be found here.Those students intending to graduate as an Honors College Scholar should, at the beginning of their junior year, identify a faculty mentor and a thesis topic.This will place the honors thesis somewhere between a major undergraduate research paper and a master’s thesis in terms of both quality and quantity of work on the technical side and a deeper amount of work allowing the non-expert to understand the place and meaning of the work.Find a more detailed description of a honors thesis in The Honors Thesis: Context and Communication.What is required, that may be lacking in a master’s thesis, is placing the student’s work in context. Where does it fit within the student’s field intellectually and historically?Furthermore, the student needs to have an introductory chapter explaining his or her thesis to the non-expert and a concluding chapter explaining what the accomplishment of the thesis was to the non-expert.If you have difficulty finding a research advisor, schedule a meeting with a member of the Honors Committee.Honors candidates work closely with their advisors and/or research lab throughout their senior year.


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