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Attempts were then made to reproduce the arm jerking.Ms A did not feel comfortable speaking in tongues aloud during the EEG because she thought it disrespectful to record this phenomenon.After several minutes of silent glossolalia, electrical discharges would begin to emanate from the right posterior temporal regionhas in the past published some rather dubious religious-experience EEG data; in that case, I’m pretty sure the ‘temporal lobe spikes’ were just a recording artefact. The fact that the suspicious signal came from the arm jerks, because the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body. These kind of results are always intriguing, but this one should serve as a reminder that brain activity can be behaviour, as well as causing it.

Attempts were then made to reproduce the arm jerking.

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The Meaning of Speaking in Tongues in the Church Today In the modern context, the reference to speaking in tongues refers the individual extolling God or praying emphatically under the power of the Holy Spirit in an incoherent, heavenly tongue.This division has been caused, primarily, by an incorrect interpretation of the gift of tongues in the New Testament through the exclusion of studying the gift through the Biblical precedent of the gift established by Luke in the book of Acts.In order to properly interpret and comprehend the references to speaking in tongues in the corporate setting of the New Testament church, one must understand the purpose and characteristics of tongues in the book of Acts.But could glossolalia sometimes be associated with a brain abnormality?Here’s an interesting case report: Temporal lobe discharges and glossolalia Ms A was a 44-year-old female who presented to an outpatient clinic complaining of muscle tension and headaches for about 4 months…Glossolalia – ‘speaking in tongues‘ – is a practice best known in association with ‘Charismatic’ branches of Christianity.Practitioners, often as part of religious services, produce streams of speech which correspond to no known language.After waiting for fifty days, the Spirit fills the apostles and provides them with the ability to, “speak in other tongues” (2:4).The obvious question that arises for a critical reader of the text is, “what kind of tongues were they speaking in?So it seems likely that it just happens to be glossolalia that sets off the abnormality, whatever it is.Maybe, if she’d been an atheist, it would have happened when she was reading Richard Dawkins…Neuroskeptic is a British neuroscientist who takes a skeptical look at his own field, and beyond.


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