Steps In Conducting Research Paper

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In addition, readers of your work may want to find and read some of the sources you used.

In addition, readers of your work may want to find and read some of the sources you used.Different academic disciplines follow different citation styles.

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But this may turn to be a nightmare when you start the research process.

The reader will easily come to know while reading the report that has no interest in the topic and may mark your report as less appropriate. While selecting our topic you should cross check it to make it sure that you have enough data available to write the report easily.

Selecting the right topic for your research is very important, it’s even important than writing the actual research paper.

Thus its very important that you do not choose a topic in which you cannot find matter or in which you cannot collect.

Most qualitative papers should follow APA style format.

This is the accepted social and educational science format.When you find a good book, scan the bibliography for additional sources.Look for book-length bibliographies, literature reviews, and annual reviews in your research area; this type of resource lists hundreds of books and articles in one subject area.Two of the more common citation styles are APA or MLA. For further details on other aspects of plagiarism, consult WU’s Academic Integrity Policy.Research papers (thesis or dissertations or journals) are one of the major submissions to attain a degree.Encyclopedias provide information on key concepts, context, and vocabulary for many different fields.Subject-specific encyclopedias will provide additional information that may lead to ideas for additional search terms.Always look for available works on your topic and its dimensions.Many a time you will find an angle that was missed by the researcher that you can cover up through your research.Indexes and databases allow you to search across many journal publishers at once to find citations, abstracts, and full-text to articles.Additional details on using databases As you search and find citations and/or abstracts for specific books, articles, or websites, consider the following established criteria for evaluating the quality of books, journal articles, and websites.


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