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When his grating headaches began intensifying, Mario and his wife chalked it up to the recent stressors in his life.He had just turned 66 and had been newly-diagnosed with diabetes mellitus.In some instances, people may also experience a “mini-stroke” (or transient ischemic attack), where symptoms only last for a short period of time. Upon Mario’s arrival to the hospital, the ER nurse proceeds to gather the patient’s medical history from his wife, Lucinda, who accompanied him in the ambulance.

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Also noted in Mario’s medical history was that he led a sedentary lifestyle that had contributed to his excess weight.

She informs her that the patient’s health plan provides for coverage for a nutritionist as well as membership to a gymnasium, a pro-active habit the patient will find beneficial for his health and one that can promote a return to functionality.

She adds that Mario should quit smoking and suggests using a nicotine patch or the antidepressant bupropion, which may be more beneficial in that it may also treat any underlying depression that is commonly experienced by stroke patients.

Lucinda feels somewhat relieved and tells the nurse and attending ER physician that both of Mario’s parents passed away from myocardial infarctions when they were in their late 60s.

She adds that Mario is a smoker, usually smoking about a pack and half each day.


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