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And most women will be glad they developed self-confidence, assertiveness and the ability to work with others before they joined their lives with someone else’s. Because right when I no longer felt I needed to get married in order to be financially or emotionally secure — that’s when the right person showed up, and my happy ending began.During my late 20s, when everyone I knew was hunting for the perfect dress, and I was working 80-hour weeks and pursuing two master’s degrees, I convinced myself that I was missing out, and that I needed to marry the next warm body that came along. Jo Piazza is the bestselling author of the new memoir How to Be Married: What I Learned From Real Women on Five Continents About Surviving My First (Really Hard) Year of Marriage.My own husband was counseled by both of his parents to not even consider marriage until he was 35 years old.

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The average age to marry is unique and different across the world. And how can you ever tell if you’re too young to marry?

The questions are many, but you know the truth, right?

“Don’t you want to take the time to figure out who you are before you join your life to another?

” Historian Stephanie Coontz, author of Marriage, a History and The Way We Never Were, sees a historical progression toward advanced maternal age leading to greater marital satisfaction.

We should be given the time to put our careers and personal development first, because no matter what anyone says, marriage is hard.

It takes time, effort, patience, maturity and work.He was praised for his measured and mature decision. Less than a decade later, half of them are divorced.This allows men both an extended adolescence and more time to find the right person. Movies and fairytales prime women to think about weddings from childhood, and the majority of romantic comedies promote the proposal as the happy ending, with most heroines just pushing the three-decade mark — but rarely surpassing it. Many marriage therapists, the people who help fix unhappy marriages, believe this is because wisdom truly does come with age.You can marry at any age, as long as both of you are in love. Can you really marry at any age, as long as you’re truly and deeply in love with each other? Unfortunately, a successful marriage takes more than just true love to succeed.[Read: Meeting the parents for the first time] Are you ready to marry?Peter Pearson, co-founder of the Couples Institute, told me. You are emotionally resilient, you’re smarter at separating the wheat from the chaff.” I was terrified of divorce.After all, I’d waited a long time to finally tie the knot.Are you ready to take on that burden of looking after yourself and your new family?[Read: Money management for couples and newly weds] Are both of you earning enough in steady, well paying jobs to live comfortably and manage any sudden expenses that come along the way?When it comes to marriage and age, there’s a serious double standard for men and women.Men are often told to wait to get married until they feel ready — until they’re mature, financially secure, established in their careers and comfortable with themselves.


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