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(4) Budget and budget justification: In one single-spaced page, provide a detailed and specific budget with justification for the items and amounts included.

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Funding cannot be used to support language training in more commonly taught languages, such as Spanish, French, and Arabic.

Some funding can be used to support language instruction for languages where formal instruction is limited, but the focus of the project should be on pursuing exploratory research rather than strictly language instruction.

Of the total amount granted, up to $2,500 may be used for video/film equipment.

Eligibility: o Fellowships are open to all graduate students without regard to citizenship or place of residence.

Please indicate whether you have ever spent time in the field site in question.

If so, please indicate the length of time and experience you have there, and how this bout of research will be different from previous visits.

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Mike Everleth, "Another Experiment By Women Film Festival: The Spiritual Machine & Dancing Through," Underground Film Journal, June 2015: the-spiritual-machine-dancing-through/ "Alex Hovet: In Recovery," Chicago Artists Resource, August 2014: 93988583343/in-recovery-video-scanned-photographs-manipulated.

Details on joining the AAA and the SVA can be found at (Note: If the applicant is not a current member, we suggest submitting the membership application well in advance to be sure that the membership is current by the deadline.) The funding cannot be used to collect data for the fellow’s master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation.

Fellows are prohibited from accepting the Robert Lemelson Foundation Fellowship in conjunction with any other summer or research funding for the same project over the same time frame as the proposed research supported by the Robert Lemelson Foundation Fellowship.


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