Technical Research Paper Format

One common misconception is that papers in the Poster Session are of lesser value or have more relaxed standards.

This is far from the truth as it is always a goal of the Symposium review committee to ensure that a good variety of topics are presented in the Poster Sessions.

Writing a technical paper for submission to a Symposium can be a daunting task, especially if you are not accustomed to doing this sort of writing.

Furthermore, after writing the paper, you naturally want to have it accepted!

Writing a technical paper, especially for an international audience, can be a daunting task.

Not only can the English language be a problem, but many scientists and engineers never learned how to write a formal technical paper. The layout of a formal technical paper typically consists of the following key elements: Abstract, Introduction, Work Done, Results & Discussion, Conclusion, and References.

There are two important things to understand when submitting a paper for acceptance at a conference, (1) technical content, and (2) how well the author expresses his/her ideas in a clear manner.

Bonnie Brench has written an excellent article that gives some do’s and don’ts when writing a technical paper for submission to a conference.

If the paper is directed toward one of the Special Sessions at the Symposium, do not make the mistake of thinking it will be automatically accepted because it was “invited”.

These sessions are typically organized by an individual or EMC Society Technical Committee (TC) on a topic that is of particular interest.


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