Term Paper On Organizational Behavior

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This rings most especially true for the Millennials who have a very negative perception on, what seems to them, the stubbornness of the Baby Boomers when it comes to accepting their suggestions that deal with utilizing new strategies & techniques and digital innovations.

Using the literature that have been compiled and analyzed by the researcher, as well as the data gathered from the interviews with the study’s participants, this study has given recommendations to how remedy these conflicts and how other organizations with the mentioned generational cohorts can avoid encountering the same intergenerational problems.

This study also examined the effects of induced state mindfulness via two different mindfulness inductions, focused breathing and loving kindness meditation.

Our results indicate secular state mindfulness can make people more other-oriented and helpful.

This benefit holds even in workplace contexts, where being helpful toward others might face constraints but is nevertheless of great importance.

As organizational scholars have become critically attuned to human flourishing in the workplace, interest in workplace dignity has grown rapidly.

The data also highlight the overarching value to the international student of developing reflective coping skills and adopting a strategy to achieve acculturative integration.

Within the context of its findings, the study presents a series of recommendations along with an integrated implementation and evaluation plan to help MWU close the current gaps and achieve its goals for international student acculturation.

Using data generated from focus groups (N = 62), an expert panel (N = 11), and two surveys (N = 401 and N = 542), we developed and validated an 18‐item Workplace Dignity Scale (WDS).

Our studies reveal evidence in support of the WDS’s psychometric properties, as well as its content, construct, and criterion‐related validity.


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