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My teacher thought so too because I got an A grade. But your site totally came to my rescue and helped me out of a bind. This special issue aims to provide the readers with a focused set of peer-reviewed articles to reflect the latest research results on advanced issues in convergence of wireless and mobile multimedia and ubiquitous computing technologies.The final set of papers addresses various challenging issues in using wireless technology for healthcare applications such as PHY & MAC innovations for wearable and implantable medical sensors, optical communication and location systems in hospital environment, and interference mitigation issues.

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The authors of the first paper “RTS-MAC: A Relative Time Synchronization MAC Protocol for Low Duty Cycle Body Sensor Networks” address energy efficiency in some medical applications of body sensor networks.

RTS-MAC makes use of the periodic broadcast of regular data messages and exploits the inter-arrival times to predict future arrivals within tight boundaries.

Thereby, no overhead is generated for synchronization purposes, and still, idle listening is reduced to a minimum, which solely depends on the short-term accuracy of the underlying clock systems.It will include a number of related topics in multimedia processing, multimedia systems, mobile contexts, social networking services and ubiquitous computing environments.The papers will be peer reviewed by at least three independent reviewers and will be selected on the basis of their quality and relevance to the theme of this special issue.The papers which appear in this special issue have been carefully selected from the best IEEE PIMRC 2011 conference papers addressing some of the challenging issues related to the wireless technologies in healthcare.The invited authors have been asked to provide a significantly extended version of the respective conference paper, which has subsequently undergone a rigorous review process according to the IJWIN publication standards prior to acceptance.Further, the results indicate that through omitting external crystals in favor of a minimally larger battery, the battery life of a sensor node can be prolonged.The second paper “Empirical Performance of RSSI-Based Monte Carlo Localization for Active RFID Patient Tracking Systems” by William Cully, Simon Cotton, and William Scanlon presents a RSSI-based Monte Carlo Localization that was implemented using commercial 868 MHz off-the-shelf hardware.More and more healthcare organizations are embracing wireless technology, to reduce cost and at the same time improve care.By eliminating wired connections to deliver medical information and increasing mobility of the patients and healthcare professionals, treatment outcomes will undoubtedly improve.Advances in novel micro-electronics design and manufacturing can also increase the value of wireless technology in improving healthcare service productivity and efficiency.Integration of appropriate wireless technologies with the existing information infrastructure will create a truly pervasive environment for many critical healthcare applications.


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