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They become friends and often visit each other’s homes and chat on the porch while sewing. He not such a bad looking man you know, when you come right down to it.

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They all are linked together by way of a semi-believable story line with one major overlaying theme. _____, as he is called throughout the novel, was a wife beater, who, having been denied Celie’s sister, marries Celie to look after his children. Once he starts to love his life starts to look up again. “Walker’s use of language, especially Black idiom, is masterful and adds poignancy and depth to the narrative.” (Another characteristic of Walker is the inclusion of highly controversial and unique circumstances in her novel.

Prescott sums it up nicely, “Love redeems, meanness kills”(p74). He beats her and rapes her and is just plain nasty to her. He becomes afraid of the dark, and just gives up on life. For example, many authors of the time, black or white, would address the idea of either inter-racial or same-sex relations.

These actions are discussed out in the open, and the idea that all people have their own “flaws”, is thought to be more fisable.

Walker combines all of these issues in her story in a deceptive way. Her use of black idiom is very effective and adds the extra fragment of actuality and authenticity to the story line.

Then, all of the sudden a certain event causes her to dramatically change her course of thinking.

This change is caused by the influence of a character that is new to the book.

This character gives Celie the love and the respect that she always lacked. This person gave her all of these feelings as well as a fresh new start and a new outlook on life. Shug is the one who gave Celie her new outlook on life.

Celie was given the sense of being, a sense that she was a real person. “For Walker, redemptive love requires female bonding.” (Prescott) This person became her lover. Shug Avery was an old lover of Celie’s husband, Mr.____. She began to treat Celie as a real person should be treated.

If a white person wrote about a less than perfect black person than it was considered racist.

Now that a black person is writing about other blacks that are foretaking in acts that are, in their eye’s, immoral and corrupt, the subject is brought into a new light.


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