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Remember the days of sitting in class waiting eagerly for the bell to ring before the teacher said that dreaded word…“homework”?Sighs, rolling eyes and grunts quickly filled the quiet classroom at the mention of “” word.

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No wonder 8% of teen's age 13-18 years meet the criteria for an anxiety disorder.

Too many teens are spending a lot of time on schoolwork outside of the classroom.

This is no surprise to the parents who rarely see their child because he/she is too busy working on homework, or to the parent who gets up at am to check to see if their child has made it to bed yet.

Overall, high school students shouldn’t be spending over two hours on homework each night.

The results showed that the typical elementary student has 30-45 minutes of homework each night.

The average high-school student has about 60 minutes per night.According to Stanford University more than a couple of hours of homework a night may be counterproductive.Researchers looked at students in high achieving communities, defined as a median household income exceeding ,000, and 93% of the students attended post-secondary institutions.Okay, I know not all students spend a lot of time doing homework. I think the bigger question that educators need to address is “what’s the purpose of the assignment?” Is it merely a way to show parents and administration what's going on in the class? Is the homework being graded for accuracy or completion? Have the necessary skills been taught so the student can master the material on his or her own?Students in these areas spent an average of three plus hours on homework every night.So imagine a teen spending an entire day at school, going to work or extracurricular activities, then going home to do three or more hours of homework each night; only to get up the next day to do it all again.In summary, there seems to be no clear answer on the homework debate.I started the blog with a question “What’s the purpose of homework? If a teacher who is assigning the homework can’t provide a clear rationale behind this question then maybe the homework shouldn’t be assigned.What’s more important is students get to demonstrate mastery of material without the assistance of a teacher. Organizations such as the National Parent Teacher Association support giving students about 10 minutes of homework each night, per grade level starting in first grade. I would recommend speaking with high achieving teens and let them share how much of their time is consumed with homework.So a middle school student would have a full day in school and then an additional 60 minutes of homework after school. Many will tell you that they spend hours upon hours each night studying for tests, and preparing for papers and projects, etc.


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