The Grapes Of Wrath Essay Prompts

The Grapes Of Wrath Essay Prompts-53
“Perhaps no aspect of Steinbeck’s accomplishment in .His excerpt on style, “From Genesis to Jalopies: A Tapestry of Styles,” is an adequate reference on the interchapters’ stylistic variety from the opening’s biblical cadences and epic sweep to the fragment-filled passages that render the confusion generated by the fast-talking used car salesmen.

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The inevitable essay will follow, in which you will be asked to discuss a theme or some of the symbolism in the work.

You may have liked the book as a story, although it is certainly depressing.

The analyses could be approached in a number of ways.

An entire chapter could be analyzed; the students could identify what they see as Steinbeck’s major purpose in the selection and explain what rhetorical elements uses to convey it.

I’m familiar with as a staple in AP Language classes that had their roots in American literature courses.

It’s still possible to invest the time to read the book with students while preparing them for the exam.

The story happened during the year 1930s, also known as the Dust Bowl.

This period is marked by intense drought and soil erosion along with damaging dust storms and terrible weather in Oklahoma.

I’ll assume that most students would have been introduced to rhetorical analysis already.

The interchapters represent a stylistic tour de force on Steinbeck’s part, kind of the writerly equivalent of a jazz musician referencing Dixieland, swing, bop, and free jazz in a concept album.


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