The Old Man And The Sea Essay

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Testimony to this, (the way Santiago feels it); the people who are going to eat this fish are not entitled to such greatness.

It is on the third day that we see Santiago is getting his catch into the boat finally.

This is a highly readable book, with only 27,000 words, having an unparalleled ability to penetrate the depths of any reader's heart and soul.

This book portrays the struggle and the fight between an unlucky old fisherman, Santiago and a large fish.Santiago’s move to set out to sea all alone in order to redeem his reputation among his people is a bold move (Hemingway 22).However, Hemmingway, the author, describes the boy as the one who admires the old man despite his parents discourage him from joining Santiago in his fishing, he still continues to care for the old man.The story explains how an old man pulls the line for three days as the fish swims with the old man enduring this pain (Hemingway 40).In this day to day sequence of events, Santiago is presented to the reader as an affectionate man who, despite the strain that the fish is putting him through, sees it as a brother in endurance, suffering, strength and resolve.Hemingway has amply demonstrated as how every failure and every disappointment, every ridicule can be withstood by a man of indomitable spirit and who cannot accept nothing but ultimate victory.An outstanding novel of the early fifties, The Old Man and The Sea is a fine depiction of human character and spirit at its indomitable best.On the eighty fifth day, Santiago goes far out into the sea and engages in a relentless struggle with that same large fish, a marlin, which has been eluding every attempt by Santiago.At last, bleeding and tired, Santiago manages to harpoon the marlin.It is presented when Santiago struggles to bear the strain of the line hooking the massive fish with his shoulders.He does this in order to avoid tearing the boat apart and tries to hook on it.


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