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In fact, much of this 73-minute documentary has a pedestrian look to it: relatively static shots of each subject, with identifying icons filling out the frame.

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Dobie D: Barry Sonnenfeld; with John Travolta, Gene Hackman, Rene Russo, Danny De Vito, Dennis Farina, Delroy Lindo, James Gandolfini, David Paymer.

It's said that Hollywood can be a tough and ruthless town, a real killer.

Texas mystique will receive a boost as big as anything since the Dallas heydays if The Plutonium Circus gets the audience it deserves.

Ratliff opens his film conventionally enough, with black-and-white graphics giving solemn voice to the history of Pantex, a Department of Energy nuclear weapons plant located in the Texas Panhandle just outside of Amarillo.

The controversial decision to store "the deadliest substance known to man" on the outskirts of a city and on top of an environmentally sensitive aquifer (ostensibly the raison d'�tre for the documentary) takes a twelfth-Cadillac-back seat to the colorful Amarillians voicing their opinions about it.

Pantex is merely the ringmaster at this circus, holding the star attractions together but commanding no real audience appeal.Although category coordinates were investigated in the majority of studies, synonyms, antonyms, and script relations also demonstrated priming; functional relations showed greater priming, and essential and perceptual relations showed less.The average effect size for semantic priming was smaller than that for associative priming, suggesting that there is an “associative boost” from adding an associative relationship to a semantic one.His brother Brian tries this work too, but at the first opportunity he gets scared and ends up behind a desk, working for the inspector Rimgale. Francis Jr., Andre Melchor, Karel King, Scott Baity, Gretchen Erickson, Joan Esposito, Bob Rice, Marcella De Tineo, Jane Mac Iver, Burton Stencel, Robert Martell, Tony G.Between the two brothers there is rivalry, but a dangerous absconder arsonist is still free on Chicago’s streets. Byrnes, Kathryn Jaeck, David Westgor, James Ritz, Joe Guastaferro, Don Herion, Tony Mockus Jr., Gregory Widen, Andrew Lipschultz, Walter Williams, Bob Krzeminski, F. Chrisos, Cay De Vos, Gregory Lundsgaard, Charles Burns Jr., Louise Woolf, Ian A. Mc Mahon, Fidel Moreno, Zan Heber, Ilene Kwitny, Jane Alderman, Kevin Petersen, Thomas A.This meta-analysis would have been far less interesting and comprehensive without their kind cooperation.I also thank Andrea Levitt, Ken Paap, and two anonymous reviewers for their many helpful comments and suggestions on an earlier draft of this manuscript.When a small-time loan shark from Miami, Chili Palmer (Travolta), is sent to Los Angeles to find a dry cleaner who skipped on his debt, this movie-loving gangster seizes the opportunity to change careers.Chili's trail has led him to Harry Zimm (Hackman, in one of the best performances of his already outstanding career) of Zimm Filmz, a one-man production empire that churns out cheesy movies starring Harry's B-movie queen girlfriend Karen Flores (Russo).Therefore, who better to grab all that bull by the horns than an out-and-out, legitimate gangster?That's the premise of this very funny new comedy Get Shorty.


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