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As little data exists on contemporary newspaper design in these countries, a content analysis of newspapers captures a snapshot of its current state.

In this thesis I will address narratives by examining classic and contemporary theories of society that shape the social imaginary and analyse how they manifest through a case study of Govanhill; a diverse and deprived district of Glasgow, Scotland.

Isabella Ehrmann, a Design Management student in her senior year, interviewed Claire Duriez, founder of a web agency based in Paris, to see what she thinks about an artist’s online experience given her expertise in the internet’s social and political potential.

The thesis analyses diverse options of finding the perfect proportion to ensure harmony and balance.

The emphasis on optimal proportions contributes to a better understanding of the structure of books and the specific roles of its separate elements on each page.

I investigate these issues through qualitative in-depth interviews with art directors.

They reveal several differences between the genres.They see several roles for newspaper design, including journalism and enhancing usability.They acknowledge a connection between design and branding, but no evidence is found that newspaper design has been taken over by branding.For settled communities in stable times, the question of belonging appears to be straightforward.In unstable times characterised by high levels of migration and high turnover in urban neighbourhoods, it becomes more complex.In both genres, art directors rely largely on their professional intuition in making design decisions.They might use metaphorical newspaper personalities, possibly as energy-saving devices similar to genre.I recommend taking it to your corner copy-and-print shop and having them do a ring/spiral binding.In the right shop one copy should cost you only about 15–20 euros (£12–15).This thesis contributes to understanding contemporary newspaper design and redesigns in quality and popular newspapers with a focus on art directors’ perspective.A triangulated multi-method investigation of newspapers in the United Kingdom and Finland produces several original contributions to knowledge.


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