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The epic poem “Beowulf” is out and out a story of violence and battles.

Most agree that Beowulf is an epic poem because it contains the key components: Writer’s survival tip: When demonstrating how Beowulf fits into the genre of epic poetry, you may also consider comparing and contrasting Beowulf to other epic poems, such as Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey and Virgil’s Aeneid.

Using additional examples helps readers see how this poem compares to other well-known epic poems.

(And if you can get past the idea that you’re reading a poem, rather than watching a movie, the story is actually pretty cool.)If you’ve mustered all the interest you can but you’re still struggling to figure out what to write about, here’s how to survive your Beowulf essay.

In order to write a literary analysis worthy of a passing grade, you need to first figure out what you want to write about.

The narrator knows what the characters are thinking and feeling, and presents this information to readers through the telling of the story.

Writer’s survival tip: If you’re writing about point of view, consider why this point of view is important.This means that the narrator isn’t part of the story.He (or she) is looking in from an objective viewpoint and telling the story to readers.For instance, you might compare: If you want help outlining your ideas, read This Compare and Contrast Essay Outline Will Help You Beat Writer’s Block.Beowulf is told by a partially omniscient, third-person narrator.How would the story look if it were told from Beowulf’s point of view or Grendel’s point of view?What information would readers not understand if the poem was written through another type of narration?Yeah, I know, this seems like basic advice, but without a solid start to your paper, you’ll likely end up with a paper about Beowulf that lacks a clear thesis or focus.Need a few broad topics to help you focus your thoughts? An epic poem is a long poem that tells the story of a hero’s journey, generally through battles with supernatural beings.Okay, so epic poetry translated from Old English may not seem as exciting as the latest Hollywood blockbuster.But if you need to write an essay about Beowulf, then you’ll need to manage to drum up at least a little interest in the story.


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