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Launch Photo Gallery The Three-Dimensional Design studio introduces students to the fundamentals of object making in form and space.

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Launch Photo Gallery Intermediate Ceramics follows up on the technical and research skills learned in ART 1661 and ART 1662. Launch Photo Gallery ART 2220 Moving Image offers an introduction to digital video production and editing systems.

Because of the high level of technical learning in this course, the content changes each semester. Launch Photo Gallery Digital Art Synthesis is an advanced studio focused on the completion and presentation of a large scale digital media project. Concepts covered in the course include basic compositing and motion graphics. Launch Photo Gallery Digital Art I introduces students to basic design principles and terminology within the digital environment.

Artist as Researcher asks students to uncover what motivates an art practice and to pay careful attention to…

Malleable Narratives asks students to consider how narratives function in and as works of art. Launch Photo Gallery Virtual Space & Motion builds on the 3D modeling skills developed in ART 2230 Virtual Space, bringing virtual elements into a context outside of Maya.

Launch Photo Gallery Basic Photography introduces students to photography as an art form with emphasis on the technical and conceptual concerns of the medium.

Students will learn how to use a 35mm film camera, how to develop…The course focuses on group projects and honing skills… Launch Photo Gallery In Two-Dimensional Design, foundations students use both traditional and digital media to engage in studio projects concerning visual literacy.Launch Photo Gallery Professor Kelli Scott Kelley’s advanced figure drawing studio borrowed animal specimens from the LSU Museum of Natural History (110 Foster Hall) for their final drawing project. Students learn fundamentals of the structure of two-dimensional works of art and practice principles of…Launch Photo Gallery In this course students are introduced to intaglio, lithography, silkscreen, and relief processes as a survey of basic printmaking methods.Students work with materials such as copper, wood, and stone and address fundamental issues…This course covers the technologies and production processes used to successfully create and complete digital art and design projects,…Launch Photo Gallery In this course students are introduced to typography, considering the craft in terms of its history and application with a focus on its use as a communication tool. Launch Photo Gallery Color Design focuses on the meaning of color and its use as an effective graphic design communication tool.Students are expected to write an articulate proposal outlining…Launch Photo Gallery Special Topics in Photography presents the opportunity for advanced studio work in a predetermined area of specialization.Launch Photo Gallery In Basic Design, students investigate form and the delineation of space within a two-dimensional field, with an emphasis on hand skills and traditional design media.Students develop an understanding of basic design elements and…


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