Thesis Statement Great Expectations Charles Dickens

Thesis Statement Great Expectations Charles Dickens-75
He accepts her apology and she is badly burnt when her wedding dress, which she has never taken off since being jilted, catches fire when she gets close to the fireplace.

As a result of Magwitch’s anonymous patronage, Pip travels to London and becomes a gentleman.

All along, Pip was under the impression that his benefactor was Miss Havisham, as opposed to Magwitch.

Abel Magwitch, the convict’s given name, who is also Pip’s benefactor.

* Provis, a name that Abel Magwitch uses when he returns to London, to conceal his identity.

Mr Pumblechook, Joe Gargery’s uncle, an officious bachelor and corn merchant. Joe” (as she is widely known) how noble she is to raise Pip.

As the person who first connected Pip to Miss Havisham, he even claims to have been the original architect of Pip’s precious fortune.

Orlick was attracted to her, but his affection was unreciprocated.

The lawyer and his circle * Mr Jaggers, prominent London lawyer who represents the interests of diverse clients, both criminal and civil.

Joe was very disappointed when Pip decided to leave his home and travel to London to become a gentleman rather than be a blacksmith. Joe Gargery, Pip’s hot-tempered adult sister, who raises him after the death of their parents but complains constantly of the burden Pip is to her.

Orlick, her husband’s journeyman, attacks her and she is left disabled until her death.


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