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Thomas, Kesha L (2013) Criminal Justice Practitioners' Perceptions Regarding Confidential Informants Trabue, Sydnee (2013) Signaling and Genetic Studies of Chromobacterium violaceum Vernon, Nichole (2013) The Study of Success of Individuals with Exceptional Needs in Tennessee Virtual Academy in Grades 5-8 Whittenberg, Judy Denise (2013) Brigance, reading scores, and student preschool participation: Predictors of future academic achievement Wilcox, Tameisha L (2013) The relationship between Grade Point Average, Greek membership, criminal activity, and alcohol consumption in HBCU college students Williams, Charles R (2013) Father involvement and offspring subjective well-being in African Americans Williams, Fabre K (2013) The relationship between principal leadership practices and teacher morale Worthy, Keno L (2013) Faculty attitudes toward students with disabilities at a Southern HBCU Young, Duvall (2013) Dynamic or Static Stretch to Increase 40-Yard Dash Speed Zhang, Long (2013) An empirical analysis of fruit and vegetable consumption and adult overweight and obesity in the U. Adigun, Jeremiah O (2012) Perceptions of the roles and responsibilities of IT administrators regarding technology strategic plans for client support centers in Tennessee Board of Regents institutions Ajala, Adeayo Olayinka (2012) Molecular modeling studies of some bioactive hexahydropyrimidine and acridone derivatives Al-Salah, Abdalla Hasan (2012) Development of clustering and classification software system for structure health monitoring Amer, Saed T (2012) The integration of computer aided design (CAD) and quality function deployment (QFD) in the design and prediction of seat comfort Anderson, Sharon K (2012) Perceptions of virtual learning among principals and superintendents in the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee Barut, Ugur (2012) The impact of transformational leadership on improving diversity in higher educational institutions Braden, Sharon Smith (2012) Differences in perceptions of learning and academic achievement of students and teachers in Project-Based Learning and Balanced Mathematics classrooms Bradley, Ashley N (2012) Characterization of nanoparticles synthesized in the presence of polysaccharides: The search for the needle in the haystack Brazzel, Delores (2012) Art as Emotion: An exploration of visual arts integration as an anger management strategy in an alternative high school Brooks, Christopher D (2012) The Level of Burnout amongst African American Student Teachers Attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities: Tennessee State University Brown, Ashlee Nicole (2012) Antimicrobial resistance of Enterococcus from organic and conventional retail poultry in Davidson County, Tennessee Champion, Charles E (2012) Removal of Radionuclides Using Green Chemistry: Precipitation of Strontium by Polygalacturonic Acid for Potential Treatment of Radioactive Waste Cooper, Nicole (2012) Non-medical treatment versus medical treatment: A meta-analysis comparing the effects of complementary alternative treatments to the traditional medical treatments of ADHD symptoms in youth Darris, Carl E (2012) Transcriptome analysis and functional characterization of genes associated with feed efficiency and immune function in poultry Davis, Brittany K (2012) Physico-Chemical Analysis of Violacein Extracted from Various Strains of Chromobacterium violaceum Davis, Rita C.

Betty Shabaaz Delta Academy Curtis, Joy B (2008) Comparison of female body images at a Christian college and secular university Diggs, Alice C (2008) Design of a socially intelligent task selection software mechanism for a mobile robot Dodd, Matthew Robert (2008) The effect of inclusion classrooms on the science achievement of general education students Edwards, Deidrah L (2008) Predicting IQ from achievement when screening academically gifted students in the state of Tennessee Elangovan, Vinayak (2008) Development of software system for localization of stationary wireless sensor nodes Evans, Rosalyn Annette (2008) The impact of transition programs on administratively promoted eighth grade students in Clarksville -Montgomery County Schools Ferdousi, Zannatul (2008) Design and development of a real-time gesture recognition system Franklin, Genae Marie (2008) An examination of factors that changed the impetus of music education advocacy in American society Fuqua, Dellanita Steele (2008) Safe @ last: The evaluation of a child sexual abuse prevention program for elementary students Garrison, Tierenney M (2008) Death on the brain: The psychological effects of the death penalty based on the views of those condemned to die Gidelew, Getnet Abebe (2008) Irreducible polynomials in Z[x] Gilliard, Christina (2008) A comparison of juvenile delinquency in Tennessee and Georgia Gilmore, Lindsay Sidney (2008) “Copping a plea” in Tennessee: An examination of the bureaucratic rationale used to administer justice in the criminal court process Griffin, Niyah E (2008) Elementary teachers' perceptions and attitudes toward the inclusion of English language learners in mainstream classrooms Grimes, Justin C (2008) The effects of student participation in FLES* programs on standardized test scores Han, Jun (2008) Design of Web Semantic Integration System Harbour, Janaar (2008) Linear system stability: Stability radii and robustness Helms, Mary Ann (2008) Predicting nursing student success on the HESI comprehensive nursing exit examination Hightower, Jesse (2008) Crime on campus: An analysis of Tennessee's private historically black colleges and universities 20 Hill, Adam Alexander (2008) On Noetherian Rees algebras and symbolic powers Hill, Kellee N (2008) Understanding dilated cardiomyopathy in poultry: The Guinea fowl model Holt-Roberts, Gazetta (2008) An examination of the perception of educators regarding the selection criteria used in placing students in Advanced Placement courses in three middle Tennessee counties Huth, Erick E (2008) Teacher attitudes toward alternative forms of compensation beyond the traditional single salary schedule Jackson, Cynthia D (2008) African American women, childhood sexual abuse, resilience, and HIV risks: Implications for a culturally sensitive counseling model James, Antoinette M (2008) The relationship between materialism and the amount of time African-Americans spend listening to rap music and watching rap videos at Tennessee State University Johnson, Kiera Elizabeth (2008) An examination of factors impacting the quality of music education in the urban environment Jones-Coofer, Lu Sheena M (2008) Examining the relationship of trait anxiety and worry among African-American female undergraduate students Kacprowicz, John P.

(2008) The effects of short -term relaxation training on high -achieving eighth grade students' test anxiety and self -esteem Kelly, Kenan Walker (2008) Log jams: Napier's logarithm and its morphs Keown, Sandra L (2008) Effects of the use of thematic organizers in conjunction with concept mapping on learning, misconceptions, and retention in middle school science class King, Sherry L (2008) The effect of analogy instruction on first graders' analogical reasoning and reading comprehension Malone, Natalyn (2008) Fifth graders in an elementary school setting vs.

(2017) African-American Clergy Engagement in Politics and Public Policy: Liberation Theology as a Civic Engagement Motivator Luhach, Shruti (2017) Feather Development in Chicken Embryo Mazur-Park, Felicity Constance (2017) Ethnic Music in Nashville: A Choral Approach Mendez, Esther (2017) Why You? The Influence of Resilience and Perceived Barriers on Mate Selection Merritt, Pierre (2017) Tennessee State University Students' Perceptions of Capital Punishment Muasya, Cosmas Mwendwa (2017) Encapsulation of Antibiotic Alternatives for Pathogen Control in Poultry Intestinal Tract Murphy, Sarah (2017) Agritourism Needs and Preferences: Determining How Extension Education Can Help Newsum, Roshanda N (2017) Collegiate Athletes' View on Empowering Our Youth Through Sports and the Reduction of Crime Nwosisi, Sochinwechi I (2017) Performance Evaluation of Organically Grown Sweetpotato Varieties, Nutritional and Cost-Benefit Analysis Obi, Chibuike David (2017) Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Fluorinated Tacrine Against Alzheimer's Disease (AD) Okafor, Mark C (2017) Performance Evaluation and Seasonal Variations of the Physico-Chemical Parameters of Water Quality in a Wetland In Nashville, Tennessee Padrithi, Deepthi Naidu (2017) Risk Assessment of Android Malwares Using Machine Learning Techniques Pandey, Manoj (2017) Imported Fire Ant Species and Their Hybrid in Tennessee: Interrelationships with Biological Control Agents, Ant Morphology, and Geographic Locations Parrish, Anastasia (2017) The Effects of Using a Small Group Reading Intervention with K-2 Struggling Readers Peterson, Kelli R (2017) A Qualitative Study Exploring the Lived-Experiences that Influence African American K-12 Teachers to Remain in the Teaching Profession Pope, Gwendolyn M (2017) Perceptions of Soft Skills by Former Technical College Business Education Students and Their Employers Rahman, Tasnim (2017) Degradation Studies of Three Commonly Used Pharmaceutical Products Robinson, Quintin (2017) Leadership Behaviors and Experiences of Agricultural and Environmental Science Undergraduates at Tennessee State University Scott, Jasmine N (2017) Impact of Fatherlessness on Academic Achievement, Delinquent Behavior, Sexual Behavior and Attachment Style Shukla, Smriti (2017) Security Aware Virtual Machine Placement in Cloud Smith, Larry D (2017) Teachers' Attitudes on Reporting Incidents of Student Bullying Among Middle and High School Students Stewart, Rhonda (2017) Perceptions of Minority Students from Historically Black Institutions (HBIs) on Campus Visitation Programs at the Ohio State University and Purdue University Suddeth, Shree W (2017) Factors Related to the Process of Qualifying Students as Section 504-Only in an Urban Public School District in Tennessee Sumpter, Jeremiah J (2017) Evaluating Bacterial Agents for Controlling Powdery Mildew and Charcoal Rot Sushak, Linda B (2017) Dibutyltin Alters Production of Interleukin 1 and Interleukin 6 in Human Immune Cells Sushak, Linda B (2017) Dibutyltin Alters Production of Interleukin 1 and Interleukin 6 in Human Immune Cells Thatiparti, Satheesh Kumar (2017) Establishing New Catalyst System for C-F Bond Formation by Using Organotrifluoroborates and Metal Fluoride Wang, Li (2017) Development Of A Functional Beverage Using Bitter Melon (Momordica charantia L.) Juice Wang, Rong (2017) Chief Diversity Officers' Perceptions of Institutionally Sustainable Diversity Programs Windrow, Vincent (2017) Effect of Scholars Academy Summer Program Participation on Participants' Academic Success Yaeger, Rhonda (2017) The Lethality Assessment: Assessing Lethality Based on Officer Belief in Nashville, Tennessee Young, Jeremy D (2017) Assessing the Demand for Locally Grown Hops in Tennessee Zhao, Tao (2017) Hosts-Based Attack Graphs and Risk Ranking Adhikari, Suraj (2016) Comparative economic analysis of on-farm biodiesel production from soybean and sunflower under small scale setting Afghani, Mohammad (2016) Society's Perceptions about Ex-Offenders Afghani, Najlaa Abdullah (2016) MACF1 as a Novel Target for the Treatment of Brain and Lung Cancers Alalwani, Fahd Abdullah (2016) A Comprehensive Study on Capital Sentencing Laws In Saudi Arabia and the United States Alalyu, Ruqayyah Saeed (2016) The Effect of Medicinal Plants Fennel Seeds, and Olive Leaves to Inhibit Growth on Lung, Leukemia, and Colon Cell Lines Al Amin, Ali Reza MD.

(2016) Security aware VM placement in Open Stack cloud Alanazi, Areej Mathil (2016) The cytotoxicity effect of rosemary and myrrh extracts on cancer cell lines Alanazi, Majed (2016) Natural plants "Ocimum (Basil) and Achillea" as Anticancer in Human Cell Alanazi, Talal (2016) Citizens who have High Levels of Religiosity, will Engage in Less Crime Alattas, Noor Abdulrahman S (2016) Polysaccharide-mediated formation of pigments from serotonin Albaqami, Jawaher (2016) Growth Effects of Tumorigenic Cells Exposed to Extracts of The Medicinal Plant Onosma Albinali, Mansour (2016) Perceptions of Saudi and American Citizens of the Effectiveness of Alternative Sanctions Aldossari, Danah (2016) Effects of Light, Nutrient, and Temperature on Algal Physiology and Growth Alegbeleye, Ibukun D (2016) Economic analysis of utilization of corn stover for bioenergy production Alexander, Donna Lorraine (2016) Natural Compounds and How They Inhibit the Growth of Prostate Cancer Cells in the PC3 Cell Line Alhaidari, Kholoud (2016) Anticancer studies of curcumin, chamomile, and 1,3,4- oxadiazole derived from phenanthroline Alhewaitey, Anaif (2016) Interactions of aurein with model membranes and antimalarials Aljohani, Mohammed (2016) The Perceptions of American and Saudi Students about How They Feel Living or Working With Exoffenders Almarwani, Bashiyar (2016) Investigating the structural impact of the antimicrobial peptide combi-2 in model membranes Alotaibi, Dalal Abdullah (2016) The Combinatorial Effect of Salt with IL-17 on HIF 1 Alpha and VEGF-A Expression in Breast Cancer Cells Alotaibi, Maha (2016) Coordination of 1,3-bis(diphenylphosphinomethyl)benzene and 1,3-bis(ditert butylphosphinomethyl)benzene to uranyl nitrate Alqahtani, Zaina (2016) Inhibition of Cancer Growth by O, S and N- Containing Schiff Bases Derived from 2, 2'-Bipyrdine-5,5'- dicarboxaldehyde Alqureish, Eilaf Salman (2016) Characterization of novel paralogs of glucose transporter (GLUT) 11 in birds Alsaedi, Manal (2016) The role of WNT inhibitory factor I in adipose tissue development Al Safar, Meshael F (2016) Effects of Cloves and Ginseng Extracts on The Viability of Tumor Cell Lines Alshammari, Shifaa (2016) Cytotoxic Activity of Ferula assa-foetida and Astragalus sarcocolla Against Cervical Epithelial and Colon Carcinoma Cell Lines Alshammari, Tathi (2016) The Effect of Phytochemical Compounds on Breast, Colon, and Lung Cancer Cell Lines Al Sharah, Ashraf Hussein (2016) Integrated game theoretic and network integrity scheme to detect and mitigate insider threats in MANETs and colluding jamming attack Alsufyyan, Khaleed (2016) A Comparative Analysis of American and Saudi Arabian Student Perceptions of Domestic Violence Alwadai, Amjad (2016) Interactions of the Cell Penetrating Peptide Pep-1 with Model Membranes Alzahrani, Roba (2016) Effects of calpain inhibitors - KR-180 - and - KR-185 - in 3T3 preadipocytes and several cancer cell lines Andijani, Nujud Aqeel (2016) Molecular organization of the antimicrobial peptide jelleine in model membranes Baashirah, Azzah Ahmed (2016) Assessment of novel calpain inhibitors Bandy, Dewanna Lenea (2016) The Impact of Nutritional Choices on Wellness in Adolescent Females in Middle Tennessee Barve, Gauree (2016) Droid Docker: Dynamic analysis of android applications on Docker Beaty, Morgan (2016) Impact of a poultry and egg education workshop on 4-H youth Berman, Amy B (2016) Trauma symptomatology among undocumented immigrants in the context of U visa petitions Bhatta, Deependra (2016) Comparative Gene Expression Profiling of Cotton Lines for Seed Quality Traits Bhogoju, Sarayu (2016) Developing novel probiotics and evaluating their mechanisms of interaction with host environment to enhance poultry performance Bhullar, Manreet Singh (2016) Application of Low Wave-length UV Irradiation to Inactivate Pathogenic Microbes in Highly Opaque Liquid Foods Biswal, Biswajit (2016) Secure Measurement based Geolocation to Locate Data in the Cloud Datacenter Boston, Mary Kate (2016) Implementation of School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (SWPBIS) in Tennessee public schools Bridges, Durant C.

Abdul-Malek, Ayad (2019) Deep Learning and Subspace Segmentation: Theory and Applications Alawi, Mohammed (2019) Society's Perceptions about Sex Offenders Alghamdi, Abdullah (2019) A Qualitative Case Study of Male Teachers' Challenges Teaching Reading in Elementary Classrooms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Almutairi, Laila M (2019) Security Risk Assessment of Multiple Sdn Controllers Using Stochastic Petri Nets Alsaidi, Bashir Fawaz (2019) Design of Advanced Skin Structure using Lattice for Camber Morphing Wing Amullen, Esther Marion (2019) Distributed Framework for Mitigating Malicious Intrusions in Power Grids Beard, Helen Virginia (2019) The Effect of Project-Based Learning on Students' Executive Functions Bedford, Winifred (2019) Examining the Relationship between EQ, Microaggressions, and Achievement in the HBCU Academic Setting Boero-Legge, Maria (2019) Undocumented Latinx Immigrants' Experiences with Self-compassion and Stressors Brady, Shabnam Etemadi (2019) Meeting the Needs of Migrants: Applying the Bioecological Systems Theory Model to Assess Multicultural Competency in Mental Health Brooks, Christopher D (2019) The Relationship Among Community Violence & Racial Socialization Messages and Their Influence on the Masculine Ideology of Black Men Burks, Martez (2019) An Investigation of Racial Identity, Self-Esteem and Its Relationship to Academic Self-Concept among African American Undergraduate Students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities Capretto, Jessica Jaye (2019) Developmental Trajectories of Social Competence among Maltreated Children Favre, La Toya R (2019) Binge Eating and Internalized Weight Bias Among Racial/Ethnic and Sexual Minorities: Implications for Multicultural Counseling Harris-Wyatt, Georgetta A (2019) An Analysis of Factors that Impact Civilian Attitudes Toward Police Treatment of Minority Males Hawrami, Shwan (2019) Tennessee Counties and Their Water Quality as It Correlates to Average Household Income Hira, Arpona (2019) Unprecedented Cross Coupling Processes for the Synthesis of New Series of Esters Hussaini, Syed Farazuddin (2019) Smart Prosthetic Hand Development using Deep Learning and Inertial Measurement Unit Data Mc Koy, Tonya L (2019) A Qualitative Study of African American Female Engineering College Students' Intersecting Identities, Sense of Belonging, and Intent to Persist Murry, Letoni (2019) Principals' Behaviors in Improving Student Achievement from Teachers' Perception in Rutherford County Nejus, Georgia (2019) Influence of Age, Race, and Gender on Type of Offense Committed by Domestic Violence Perpetrator in Davidson County, Tennessee Patrice, Kesha S (2019) Body Dissatisfaction in African American Females: Self-Compassion Mediating Sociocultural Factors Snyder, Shawn D (2019) Assessment of a Locally Imperiled Snake (Sistrurus miliarius) and Estimation of Site Occupancy and Detection Probabilities of Sympatric Snake Species Syed, Rabia (2019) A Study of Health Promoting Components in Pigeon Pea and Its Application in Food Models Thanoon, Mohammed I (2019) A System Development for Enhancement of Human-Machine Teaming Troyanovskaya, Eleonora (2019) Cover Crops, Cowpea and Farmer's Perception of Sustainability in Alabama, Georgia,and Tennessee Wang, Xiaoyong (2019) Combined Phytochemicals Synergistically Restrain Breast Cancer in Cultured Cells and Xenograft Mice Wettemann, Martha E (2019) Social Equity, Human Development Theory, and Factors Related to the Growth of Child Support Arrears in States, 2011-2015 Yenuga, Pooja Reddy (2019) Interplay of SIK3 and NFAT5 in Salt Induced Inflammatory Responses in Breast Cancer Cells Zhang, Lijuan (2019) Synergistic Anti-Vascular Inflammatory Effects and Molecular Mechanisms of Combined Phytochemicals in Endothelial Cells and Mice Zhou, Yuanyuan (2019) Numerical Study of High-Speed Capsular Vehicles Toward Operational Control Albaqami, Jawaher Jahaz (2018) Anti-Proliferative Activity of Onosma Bracteatum On-Three Tumor Cell Lines: PC3, A549, and BT549 Alghamdi, Abdullah (2018) Implementation of an Implicit Solver in Adcirc Storm Surge Model Alghamdi, Mazen (2018) Educator Perceptions of Internalizing and Externalizing Behaviors with Special Education Students Aluoch, Isaiah Gumbe Orodo (2018) Perceptions of KCSE Mathematics Teachers on Use of Digital Tools in Education Service Delivery in Migori County, Kenya Alyahya, Sarah (2018) Introducing Potassium Allyl BF3K for the Synthesis of N-Allylation Products Alzahrani, Sabah (2018) Detection of Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Attacks Using Artificial Neural Networks on Cloud Aman, Musa (2018) Unprecedented Styryl Esters from RCOOPd H Species and Styryltrifluoroborates Ambrose, Derron K.

G (2018) The Effects of Symptomology, Race and Psychological Mindedness on Attitudes toward Persons with Schizophrenia Armstrong, Aisha P (2018) African American Women in Stem: Self-Efficacy, Perceived Barriers, and Coping Efficacy Betancur-Bedoya, Nadiana (2018) Studying Music of Latin America: A World Music Curriculum Approach for Presenting Four Representative Styles of Latin American Cultures Brice, Erica Marie (2018) Family Racial Socialization and Ethnic Identity Influence on African-American Female Beauty Ideals and Self-esteem Brown, Cassandra L (2018) Network Performance Analysis on a Containerized Testbed Brown, Matthew (2018) Prevention of Ambrosia Beetles (Coleoptera: Scolytinae) and Phytophthora Root Rot with Stress-mitigating Fungicides Buck Pursell, Kathryn (2018) The Impact of Burnout on School Psychologist Supervisors Byers, Mary Shannon (2018) Experimental Study to Increase the Viability Rate of Cas9 Knock in Chicken Embryos and Examination of Differentially Expressed Genes in Early Chicken Embryos Chen, Hui (2018) Speaker Identification: Time-Frequency Analysis With Deep Learning Christian, Matthew (2018) Improving Motor Skills of a Smart Prosthetic Hand by Deep Learning Dowling, Nicolette (2018) High School Teachers' Perceptions of Cyberbullying Prevention and Intervention Strategies Dudley, Kevin (2018) An Evaluation of Out-of-School-Time (OST) Programs in the Greater Nashville, Tennessee Area Fu, Zicheng (2018) Highly Efficient Photocatalytic System Constructed From Spherical SBA-15-Cobalt Compounds and Ru (II) Complex for Visible-Light Driven Co 2 Reduction Giri, Man Kumari (2018) Aboveground Forest Biomass Modeling Using Remote Sensing and FIA Data in Tennessee, USA Girresch, Sarah K (2018) Childhood Adversity, Familial Factors, and Posttraumatic Growth in a Racially/Ethnically Diverse Sample of Emerging Adults Gopisetty, Vybhav Vipul Sudhir (2018) Impact of UV-C Irradiation on Safety and Quality of Cranberry-Flavored Water Using a Novel Flow Continuous UV System Gordon, Nia (2018) Controlling Powdery Mildew on Cucurbit Using Biological Control Agents Grayum, Jessica Willard (2018) Examining the Perceptions of Principals' Ethical Leadership Behaviors and Student Academic Achievement Greene, Anjelica (2018) The Impact of Sexual Education on Sexual Activity and Pregnancy Awareness in Young Adults Hall, Denver A (2018) Online Social Media Use and Depression in African American College Students Harris, Clayton (2018) Tennessee's Hazardous Waste Reduction Act of 1990: An Analysis of Tennessee's Hazardous Waste Reduction Policy Hayes, Emily (2018) Influence of Creep Feeding on Kid Growth and Dam Health in Multiple Meat Goat Breeds and Their Crosses Heaston, Alexis (2018) How Does Participating in a Peer Health Education Program Impact Health Behaviors among African American Undergraduate College Students?

"Chick" Chavis Jr.: His Legacy and Role in the Implementation of Instrumental Music Education in the Nashville African American Community Byrd, Crystal J (2013) High glucose induces cell death and changes in insulin signaling in cultured hypenrtensive vascular smooth muscle cells of rat Byrd, Crystal J (2013) High glucose induces cell death and changes in insulin signaling in cultured hypertensive vascular smooth muscle cells of rat Callahan, Rontrell Marshurn (2013) An examination of high school directors' use of cooperative learning approaches in a marching band setting Cappadona, Taylor A (2013) Method development for metallic ion waste treatment featuring precipitation and supramolecular chemistry Carey, Stephen (2013) What is the current level of asthma knowledge in elementary, middle, and high school teachers?

Cato, Anita R (2013) The effects of hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) and tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBPA) on mitogen-activated protein kinases in human natural killer cells Celada, Lindsay J (2013) The effect of environmental contaminants on mitogen-activated-protein kinase kinase kinase and Ras-GTPase activity in human natural killer cells Celso, Ben (2013) Consensus problems in switching systems Chowdhury, Aminul (2013) Spectrochemical assessment of bottled water and tap water from six counties in middle Tennessee Clayton, Otis (2013) Student perceptions of teacher characteristics on math achievement for middle school African American students Connelley, Cindy E (2013) A qualitative study of personal constructs of e-teaching Cook, Melanie C (2013) A study of citizens' perceptions of the war on drugs Dale, Patricia A (2013) The effect of ACT preparatory classes on secondary school students' academic achievement Davis, Stephanie D (2013) Demographics, Region and Classification of Sexual Offenders are Associated with the Non-Compliance of the Tennessee Sexual and Violent Sexual Offender Registration, Verification and Tracking Act of 2004 Dixon, Beverly R. A (2013) In vitro evaluation of the potential for select bacteria and yeast as probiotics in poultry production Donikini, Rajyalaxmi (2013) Green products and green marketing: Factors affecting consumers' purchases of green products Duncan, Benjamin R (2013) A case study of alternatively trained science teachers: Attainment of pedagogical content knowledge Edlin, Maria L (2013) Determining the Philosophical Orientation of Pre-Service Teachers: A Causal-Comparative Study Efstathiou, Natali (2013) Self-control and well-being: The moderating roles of frustration intolerance and emotional intensity Fox, Janice M (2013) The effects of Write Score formative assessment on student achievement Gavilo-Lane, Laurie B (2013) State earned income tax credit outreach: Capturing federal credits Gipson, Shondra N (2013) C-acylation of 5-trifluoromethyl-1,3-cyclohexanedione with substituted unactivated carboxylic acids and benzoyl chlorides Giwa, Damilola (2013) Factors influencing the demand for goat meat in Tennessee: Implications for marketing Golkonda, Ravindra Bangari (2013) Enhancing meat goat marketing: A study of marketing channels and practices used by meat goat producers in Tennessee Golkonda, Swetha Bangari (2013) Bioproducts: Consumers' perception and buying behavior Griffin, Sedric D (2013) Impact of the Complete College Tennessee Act's retention and graduation benchmarks on budget appropriations at Tennessee State University Grissom, Donna Nell (2013) The effects of school entrance age and gender on math and language arts achievement Haley, Katrina A (2013) A comparative study of high school Advanced Placement and dual enrollment programs using a mixed methods analysis Hall, Taffey (2013) Creating collaboration: Exploring the development of a Baptist digital library and archive, a case study Hamilton, La Keisha C (2013) Men's spirituality as a predictor of their willingness to seek help Hatfield, Tammy H (2013) A mixed methods study of special education administrators in Tennessee on transition services for high school students with disabilities Hayes, Constance L (2013) Examination of Principals' Perceptions on School Climate in Metropolitan Nashville Public Elementary Schools Hovis, Sarah K (2013) Temporal Variability of Water Quality Parameters in Two Creeks of the Collins River Sub-watershed Dominated by Nursery Crop Production Hubbard, Justin S (2013) The Selection of Instrumental Band Method Books by Middle School Band Directors in and Around Davidson County Hurd-Brown, Tasia D (2013) Effects of brominated flame retardant and organochlorine compounds on tumor binding capacity and cell surface protein expression on human natural killer cells Jackson, Jason D (2013) Synthesis of single source molecular precursors for copper indium diselenide and copper indium disulfide production via confined plume chemical deposition James, Olena T (2013) Cytotoxic Extracts of Ethnomedicinal Plants: Podophyllum peltatum (Mayapple) and Echinacea angustifolia Johnson, Elizabeth (2013) The impact of instructional coaching on school improvement Johnson, Jessica Nicole (2013) Teachers' inclusion of varied genres of music in middle school and high school class piano of Davidson County, Tennessee school system and surrounding counties Johnson, Nehemiah (2013) The Relationship Between Stage of Change and Relapse Prevention in Substance Abusing Adults Johnson, Roodie Antoinette (2013) Isolation and characterization of host extract-induced transposon mutants of Pectobacterium carotovorum Johnston, Trevor S (2013) Pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan [L.] Millsp.) growth, yield, and seed protein as affected by variety, spacing, and planting date Kelley, Jr.

coli O157: H7 experience Wyllie, Tara Ashley (2010) Perceptions of domestic violence and strangulation Yalala, Ashwini Kumar Reddy (2010) Market approach based decentralized resource allocation system for multi-tasks and multi-users in wireless sensor networks Youngman, Shannon (2010) The role of the instructional technology coach in improving elementary teachers' perceived ability to meet the National Educational Technology Standards and Performance Indicators for Teachers Zippay, Cassie F (2010) An exploration of the critical and reflective thinking and the culturally relevant literacy practices of two preservice teachers Adamson, Saudat A (2009) Cytotoxic extracts of ethnomedicinal plants: In vitro evaluation of anticancer activity and progress towards bioassay-guided isolation and characterization of active constituents Agbaje, Oluropo C (2009) Lewis acid mediated diastereoselective synthesis of fused fluorinated & non fluorinated spiroketal: As potential biologically active unnatural products Alam, Shahrina (2009) Potassium allyltrifluoroborates and its use in organic transformations Aluoch, Moses (2009) An examination of effective algebra intervention strategies in selected high schools within Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools Anachebe, Nonyerem Rosemary (2009) The relatively high prevalence of cardiovascular disease among African Americans Arino de la Rubia, Leigh S (2009) A survey of the scientific epistemological views of college students: Assessing the impact of an implicit curriculum in science education Armstrong, Aisha P (2009) The factors that influence retention of African American undergraduate college students at a historically Black college or university Armstrong, Patrice (2009) Correlations between groundwater bacteria types and geochemistry of springs in Nashville, Tennessee Armstrong, Sherry (2009) Values incorporated in the stories of three basal reader series grades one through three: A modified content analysis Bajaj, Prashant (2009) Synthesis and characterization of lead chalcogenide nanoparticles (Pb E, E = selenium, tellurium) semiconductor nanocomposite materials in silica matrices Barland Edmondson, Christina (2009) Self -care advocacy as an ethical obligation in counseling psychology programs Berrios, Jacqueline (2009) The anti-carcinogenic effect of Chromolaena odorata, Ocimum basilicum, Ertyphleum suaveolens on breast and colon cancer cell lines Brown, Johanna A (2009) Identifying effective interventions for reducing/removing aggressive tendencies among school-aged adolescents: A meta-analysis Burke, Karen Lenoir (2009) Cytotoxic function of endotoxins produced by middle Tennessee isolates of Bacillus thuringiensis against Aedes albopictus cell line CCL-126 Burnett, Chase (2009) The perception of stressors among police personnel: Looking at the operational and organizational aspects of police work in suburban departments Carter, Tracey B (2009) Ascension to the American college presidency: A study of female presidents of public universities and community colleges in select Southern states Chittedi, Anand (2009) Development of software system for constraint control of mobile sensors in wireless sensor networks Churchwell, Dawn Earheart (2009) The impact of reading achievement on overall academic achievement Churchwell, Don Wesley (2009) The relationship between STAR Math score gains and academic achievement in math Clark, Ryan (2009) The anti-microbial effects of Camellia sinesis on Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhimurium, and Staphylococcus aureus Clay, Teresa Joy (2009) Reservation gaming: A catalyst for self -governance for the tribes of Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma Coffelt, Rhonda Lane (2009) Effects of tributyltin on cytosolic calcium and actin in human natural killer cells Corlew, Willie (2009) The absence of a father or father figure and its impact on the academic success of high school males Crutchfield, Courtney P (2009) This is insanity!

A (2009) A novel energy-logic model for multi-modality multi-agent data and information fusion Reding, Denise A (2009) Construct validity and short-term test-retest reliability of the Fear of the Feminine projective test Reed, Gerald Gregory (2009) A program evaluation of United States Agency for International Development funded legislative development in El Salvador and Nicaragua Robinson, Aree E (2009) Test anxiety difference as a function of gender in African American college students Rodriguez, Janice Snow (2009) Content analyses of state-level language policy rhetoric, pre- and post-9 /11 Schultz, Arthur Ray (2009) Another look at the hyperreal numbers and their applications Sekar, Sharada (2009) A study of the predictors of academic success among high school English language learners in one urban Tennessee school district Sewell, Eugene J (2009) The effect of a Stand -Alone Freshman Academy on first time ninth graders Simon, Kerry Anne (2009) A survey of the perceptions of Tennessee teachers, their administrators, and teacher educators regarding preservice music teacher preparation Sloan-Brown, Karen D (2009) An examination of state funding policies for higher education and their effects on postsecondary enrollments Smith, Richard G (2009) Burnout in paraprofessionals working with individuals with disabilities Soanker, Prasanna Kumar (2009) Outdoor human detection system for mobile robot navigation Sowell, Rita (2009) Interactive communication as an element of student success in online college math courses Springfield, Derriell Montez (2009) Cycle graph graded algebra & cyclohedra Stevens, Francis (2009) Construction of an authentic gender identity Stewart, C.


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    Middle TN Historical Theses and Dissertations. Electronic Theses and Dissertations Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations NDLTD International organization that promotes the creation, use, and preservation of electronic theses and dissertations EDTs. Website has resources for finding and submitting EDTs. Credits Many thanks to Dixie Price, post-MLS part-timer and LibGuides.…

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    Tn and dissertations - Top reliable and professional academic writing help. Use from our inexpensive custom research paper writing service and get the most from unbelievable quality Composing a custom research paper means work through lots of stages…

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    Tennessee State University is engaging in cutting-edge research to address critical challenges in our society. Our research arm supports faculty and students by taking their ideas from conception to fruition in critical areas such as biotechnology, homeland security and agriculture, to name a few.…

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    UTC began publishing theses and dissertations in electronic format in 2008. Prior to 2008, UTC theses and dissertations are only available in print format, which can be found in the library.…

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    Dissertations from 2019Dissertations from 2018Dissertations from 2017Dissertations from 2016Dissertations from 2015Dissertations from 2014Dissertations from 2013Dissertations from 2012Dissertations from 2011Dissertations from 2010Dissertations from 2009Dissertations from 2008Dissertations from 2007Dissertations from 2006Dissertations from 2005Dissertations from 2004Dissertations from 2003Dissertations from 2002Dissertations from 2001Dissertations from 2000Dissertations from 1999Dissertations from 1998Dissertations from 1997Dissertations from 1996Dissertations from 1995Dissertations from 1994Dissertations from 1992Dissertations from 1990Dissertations from 1989Dissertations from 1988Dissertations from 1987Dissertations from 1986Dissertations from 1985Dissertations from 1984Dissertations from 1983Dissertations from 1980Dissertations from 1978…

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    Who Can Write My Dissertation for Me? This is the most common question students ask themselves when they are starting to panic because deadlines for the submission of…

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