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Now, TOMS is offering multiple types of Giving Shoes for varying needs.Think of winter boots for children in Nepal and school shoes that fit the criteria for school uniforms in India!

TOMS is working with some of the leading nonprofit and humanitarian organizations, which offer deep experience in international development and poverty alleviation.

By working close with them, TOMS can determine how their giving can add most value to the community.

They then used an app to determine which of the posters are unique each day.

Lessons Learned Although Toms did not reach their goal of donating one million shoes to children in need, there are some things that we can take away from what they did.

After the campaign ended, the company had donated 296 243 pairs of shoes in addition to their regular donations based on purchases.

One thing to note, was they they only donate shoes for each unique person that posted a picture. The brand was initiated to start helping out one community.At TOMS, social impact, meaningful branding and building a successful business all come together, but not without challenges and obstacles.What can we learn from this for-profit business concept that evolved from small-scale social help? While visiting Argentina in 2006, TOMS founder, Blake Mycoskie, noticed that a lot of children in rural villages were in need of shoes, as well as the hardships that can come a long with that.He was inspired to find a way to solve this problem.What started with an action to help one community, turned into a bigger idea: a business plan to enable consumers to help people in need, through an everyday purchase.For every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS (Tomorrow Shoes) would give a pair to a child in need. For TOMS, giving is at the heart of everything they do.Toms chose to use Instagram as the platform for this campaign.Instagram currently has more users then Twitter and Instagram posts tend to create more interactions then Twitter.Company: Toms Industry: Retailer, Shoes References: Toms Website, USA Today, Twitter, Instagram, Toms is an American shoe company founded by Blake Mycoskie.Its business plan, which at the time of creation was unique, that donates a pair of shoes to a child in need every time a person purchases a pair of shoes for themselves.


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