Trifles By Susan Glaspell Theme Essay

My thesis is about how the play "Trifles” by Susan Glaspell teaches us how women's roles should be respected instead of being devalued.

The play shows how women in the past were looked down upon.

In the play, women were in most cases associated with households’ chores which men considered as useless.......?

Full Symbolisms in Trifle Short stories are interesting because they do not just narrate how events unfold but they alsoshow hidden meanings through the characters, things and settings reflected in the story.

The play provides a look at the perceived role and place of the woman in society at the time.

The play is a mockery of men’s perceived arrogance and......These women were mistreated by their husbands, since they had no power to object their actions.Men viewed themselves to be more important than women and oppressed their wives so much.A man on the other hand is addressed by either name or title, conversely, men are viewed as complete wholes and their identity is tied to the important roles they play in society and they are unequivocally considered as more independent than women are.The women are homemakers, when they come to the house, it is primarily to fetch the belongings Mrs Wright had asked of them, thus to them the farmhouse was not just a crime scene but also a home.In Susan Glaspell’s Trifles, several symbolisms are evident which emphasize the message of the story.This paper aims to look deeper into the symbolisms that Glaspell used in her play such as the location of Wright’s farmhouse, the rope, telephone, canary, birdcage and the word trifles. This one I have on is so dirty and I can't be seen in a dirty apron, what would the townspeople think It's bad enough that I had to leave the house without finishing the cleaning of my kitchen. Really this is not the time to judge my housekeeping skills, but men will be men.Glaspell’s play gets loosely based on a true event as when she was a young reporter, she got to cover a murder case in a small town in Iowa.The play’s plot develops around the murder of John Wright in his home that he shared with his wife Minnie Wright.John got strangled in his sleep and Minnie is held as a suspect in jail (Glaspell 3).The play’s title provides a clue to its main theme.


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