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From occupying a whole room to fitting in our pocket, the computer has indeed come a long way.And the best part is that in spite of so many developments and differences in features, it’s journey has just begun, as the possibilities of what they can do are limitless.It is much larger than any average computer and generally a whole room is necessary to fit the whole server.

From occupying a whole room to fitting in our pocket, the computer has indeed come a long way.

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Personal Computer or PC – A PC is a computer that is used by someone for his personal use.

It is a complete system in itself and its convenient size, price and simple functions make it easy for the end-user to work on it without any intervention from computer operators.

They usually have more power and storage compared to their movable counterparts.

Laptop or Notebook – A PC that can be moved around is called a laptop.

It integrates the monitor, keyboard, pointing device, CPU, memory and hard drive in one system.

Netbook – This is similar to a laptop, the only difference being that it is smaller in size, which makes it even more portable.

Such a computer is used by programmers, game developers, video or sound editors and graphic designers.

PDA – A Personal Digital Assistant is a small, highly integrated computer usually using flash memory for storage instead of a hard drive.

Mainframe – Mainframe computers are used by large companies and organisations to perform critical tasks that involve bulk data processing like transaction processing, census information, statistical data and so on.

They consist of extensive input and output facilities, are very stable and dependable and handle millions of transactions every day.


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