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If they can’t see you in the story or feel an emotional resonance, then try again until it comes through.As one student quips in Anderson’s jazzy two-minute ‘how to get in’ video, a great story creates a great application.Use story to describe one of the qualities (don’t be tempted to do more in such limited space) and portray what you learned from this experience – don’t waste valuable words just chronicling what happened.

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They want to see evidence that you’ve gone above and beyond the information available online to reach out to students, alumni and other members of the community.

Look for ways to weave in insights from one of these conversations.

And given the scant real estate for responding, the trick is conveying your story in a way that’s concise, distinctive and memorable.

As a Fortuna Admissions coach and former Anderson Associate Director of Admissions, I think this essay evolution is great for applicants and admissions reviewers alike.

Consider the quality that resonates most deeply for you.

In getting started, give yourself some latitude to brainstorm pivotal events that shape you, and allow yourself to stretch back to childhood to see what percolates up.First, understand the distinction between short and long term goals and how they should work together in your career vision (my Fortuna colleague, Heidi Hillis, outlines the key elements of each in her recent article on the topic, along with specific examples).Whereas your long-term vision is usually around 10 years out, signaling the impact you hope to make, your short-term goals are the stepping stones on your way to that end goal, and they need to be specific.In a few well-chosen words, you need to convey career goals that are logical, ambitious yet achievable.You must be able to convincingly connect the dots from where you’ve been and where you’re going, and why the Anderson MBA is the essential next step.Anderson deeply values students who are active participants and collaborators, who are motivated to succeed but not at the expense of holding others back.It’s a student-driven community where the notion of ‘ambitious yet humble’ is highly prized.The revamped UCLA MBA essay questions for the 2019-2020 application season, and in keeping with broader MBA trends, significantly slimmed down word counts across the board.Gone is last year’s question, “what are you passionate about and why,” in favor of a prompt more reflective of Anderson’s values and culture.And when you do, don’t just list what’s of interest but truly connect the dots with your aspirations and career plans.Again, research here is fundamental, and Anderson puts a premium on relationship building.


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