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When you are working on an assignment and you click on question assistance, you receive the following message: Earn Maximum Points available only if you answer this question correctly without Question Assistance.

You then have the option to continue or to exit out of question assistance.

The deductions are applied as follows: the first time you access question assistance, your score is 100% minus the percent allocated as the point potential policy for that question assistance.

For example, if the question is worth one point, and you access Hints which is set to 95% of your total score for that question, your grade is .95, if you answer the question correctly and do not use other forms of question assistance.

Never start any assignment until you know and understand exactly what you are being asked to do.

In the Assignment tab, click an assignment in the list. Once you have selected an assignment from the assignment list you are taken to the first page of the assignment.Also, if your instructor selected the "Repeat with new values" policy, you see only the one set of values in your print copy.After reading the assignment settings and policies, navigate to the first question by pressing next or selecting a question from the navigation bar on the left. Use any remaining question attempts to retry any incorrect answers.Your highest score in any of the attempts is recorded as your grade.However, Check the instructions in your assignments carefully, especially those instructions describing how you should format your answers.You may get the numerical answer correct but the question is marked wrong because it is not formatted correctly.Additionally, in some disciplines instructors have the option to set the question tolerance for answers (the answer can be /- x%).If your instructor allows it, you can print a copy of the entire assignment without the answers so you can work offline.Some questions may not print out exactly as they appear in Wiley PLUS.Ungraded- Ungraded assignments record the percentage assignment attempted or amount of reading content accessed.Wiley PLUS allows your instructor to set two kinds of Question Policies: Your instructor may decide to deduct a percentage of your score if you access question assistance.


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