United States Imperialism Essay

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Since there seemed to be a abundance of territory that was not claimed by any country, expansionism was a great option for lots of countries around the world.

In a cartoon by Thomas Nast there is a great illustration of different countries expanding there territories.

Josiah Strong reaffirmed this ethnocentricity in his book Our Country: Its Possible Future and Its Present Crisis (Doc.

B) as he described the holy mission of the Anglo-Saxon race to spread civil liberty and Christianity throughout continents across the globe.

He further mentioned the pressure that other expanding empires were exerting upon the United States to acquire crucial territories before another power did.

Jingoists Henry Cabot Lodge and Theodore Roosevelt answered this demand by supporting entrance into the Spanish-American war, primarily to acquire new territory; Roosevelt ordered the taking of Manila Bay from Spain’s Philippine territory the moment war was declared in 1898.

By denying citizenship to the inhabitants of the territory of the Philippines in the Insular Case Downes v. H) the Supreme Court demonstrated that the Constitution did not “follow the flag”, thereby proving that the United States had no intention of granting new territories equal status to states; they would instead be colonies serving American economic interests that contrasted with the settlement-based expansion of past decades.

A further deviation from past expansionism that served as a political motivation of imperialism was the United States’ attempt to fill a role as a world power.

Between this period there was a lot of continuation of expansionism plus there was also a lot of departure of expansionism in the country.

Many things contributed to this expansionism such as the American Diplomacy in China and the Gentleman’s Agreement in Japan all contributed to the expansion of the United States.


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