University Of Alberta Essay Writing Guide

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Our application is fairly similar to most other schools out there.

We make a point of interacting with and interviewing every candidate that we are considering for admission.

While we do try and take a holistic view of all applications, it can be tough to overcome a low GMAT score.

We would look for applicants to have some demonstrated success in the areas they are lower in on their GMAT – for instance if an individual had low quant scores on the GMAT but received strong grades in a number of quant-focused courses during their undergraduate degree, we would be less concerned with their GMAT score. Don’t try and say what you think the admission committee wants to hear.

There’s no better way to get a true feel for the culture at a school than by talking to the people living it.

Essays are organized paragraphs that answer a question by summarizing a topic in a clear and logical manner. Purpose Suggestions Links Sample Purpose Frequently, many college level psychology courses require the ability to complete timed and un-timed essay exams.

As a student at George Mason University, it is a necessary that you learn the proper format and develop good technique for writing lab reports.

These skills are especially important if you plan on attending graduate school or becoming involved with research.

Interview: We have very informal interviews, so I would simply say don’t be too nervous or over prepare.

Letter of recommendation: I would recommend asking individuals who have had considerable interaction with you to be references, rather than someone higher up in the organization who may not know you very well.


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