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Additionally, it has helped me clarify and define...In a classroom occupied by thirty students, I am the only one of African descent. Seemingly overnight, I went from being a cross country runner to the girl on crutches. All runners have them from time to time, no big deal, right? I walked into the hospital that morning wearing my red polo and khakis, which I feared made me look far more like a glorified Target employee than a capable intern.

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To term it a blessing would understate my first semester experience.

Working with a group of brilliant professors and highly motivated colleagues has provided me a unique and enriching experience.

" My son would like to get a head start on this one if possible, but I don't want him to waste time if it might change.

I know there are additional prompts that change from year to year.

They’ve been appointed class president, captain of their sports team, and president of the school’s entrepreneurship association.

Letters of recommendation from teachers and counselors back up the student’s claims.Membership includes a 10% discount on all editing orders. Unless she gets really upset; that's when tears well up in her eyes. People say that I have big eyes...until they meet her and then they stop saying it to me and start saying it to her. Describe an aspect of your childhood/upbringing that shaped the person you are today.In a navy blue Volvo station wagon my entire childhood evolved. One high school student seeking to gain admission into the university and the Mendoza College of Business has a lengthy record of distinguished accomplishments.Their 1540 SAT score is supported by a colorful array of leadership positions in various extracurricular activities.This was a stark contrast to the escalating chaos and barbarity in the dilapidated Indonesian streets. As I sit typing my final paper for eighth grade on a rainy Portland night in May, I hear my mother suddenly call, “Andrew, your father and I need to talk to you”.From her tone I know the subject of the conversation. I often travel through a land of backpacks, ironed silk suits, Hawaiian slippers, colorful shirts, low-waist jeans and outfits that do not even have a name. Rising from my seat, I step towards the front of the room. From The Shirt to the senior section marshmallow toss to much much more, traditions make Notre Dame unique.These University of Notre Dame college application essays were written by students accepted at University of Notre Dame.All of our sample college essays include the question prompt and the year written.When shopping at a local fabric market, I wondered if subsidizing exports would stimulate the local economy. I knew that I would be his audience, listening to his idea of creating the Home of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, a hub to nurture and encourage creativities. I zoomed in on my character with a few quick swipes using my drawing tablet pen. The blocky character was made out of perfect, tiny squares as if it had been built out of Lego bricks.


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