Uses & Misuses Of Internet Essay

Uses & Misuses Of Internet Essay-75
There is a present population of about 40 million usersworld wide, and it seems to have a very promising future.

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NTRODUCTION The Internet has become a fully integrated part of our society, touching many aspects of our business and personal lives.

The Internet is so incredibly popular because it enables us to not only quickly access information from sources all over the world, but also transfer information quickly and easily.

Internet plays a wide role in our lives and we cannot live without it, it is up to us to keep us informed with threats that come with it.

When on the internet we should act wisely because the threats are only one click away.

Housewife canbrowse to download recipes; people read the latest news on Internet canget information about the best institutes in a country.

Internet users canshare their views and expression by joining chat rooms through whichthey can give info regarding a problem can debt about the globaleconomy and the latest crisis.Computer Viruses Computer viruses are small pieces of software that rides on real programs.For example a virus might attach itself to a program such as a spreadsheet program.Each time the spreadsheet programs runs, the virus runs, too, and it has the chance to reproduce or wreak havoc.On one hand, viruses have showed us how weak/vulnerable we are, a severe virus can cause a devastating effect, doing billions of dollars in damages.If we use internet wisely it can benefit us in a lot of ways and if we use it unwisely in can have harmful effects on our lives.In this essay I will go into describe the ways that computer viruses, search engines, internet infrastructure, instant messaging, firewalls, and piracy are used and how to use these tools to benefit you without putting yourself in harm 's way.On the other hand,it is probably the biggest single source of data in the world broughthome into your personal computer.Will this form of communicationsurvive in the future, or will it simply die out as many others have in thepast?Internet Usage and Abuses Internet access is spreading very fast in the world and as the cost is getting more affordable, more and more people are spending time on the net.Now a day we cannot live without internet as we are forced to use internet willingly or unwillingly.


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