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I am excited to share the love I have of Spanish with those I tutor! I have been teaching for 26 years in grades 1-8, either as an English Language Specialist or a classroom teacher.I enjoy working with children and discovering the best ways to reach their academic abilities. High School where I attended, I decided to take my enthusiasm for math and help others feel the same way, and with two of my classmates founded a student-to-student tutoring club.

I am a 9th Grade Math teacher that has a passion for education and teaching.

I have always tutored in school, and really enjoy helping people succeed in their studies!

So when the writing on the wall made it clear that the regional campus, which educates 10,700 students, would have about a quarter of its state funds cut this year, Eau Claire administrators had already planned a course of action to trim the fat: significant administrative reductions, preferably as far away from the academic enterprise as possible.

Yet dealing with a 13.5 percent reduction in operating funds requires massive change, and it turns out that it’s very difficult to keep the impact of such a loss entirely off the radar of students.

The funding cuts were part of a controversial and sweeping two-year, $250 million pruning of Wisconsin’s university system by Governor Scott Walker and fellow state Republicans, and were passed alongside the continuation of an existing tuition freeze.

Academics nationwide have been largely condemning the removal of tenure from state statute, also approved this budget cycle (tenure remains in effect through the University of Wisconsin System rules), and debating assertions by Walker that colleges should focus more on job training and less on humanities.

Our club had great success and we even received a local Rotary Club award.

After graduating from Rosemount High School in the Spring of... UWEC, I also studied abroad for about 5 months in Valladolid, Spain, where I was really able to enhance my Spanish skills, and gain fluency in the language. I do my best to interact with students in the way that best fits their needs.

That's why my approach to tutoring is simple: be flexible, be compassionate, and be patient.

I will work with students in a way that works for them until we reach their goals, no matter what. It is to instill confidence and perseverance within each student....


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