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Yet while we’re squealing over the cute robots, we can’t forget to imagine the world that gave rise to ’s trash-strewn wasteland and its more well-off humans’ disintegration into helpless, shapeless flesh globules who’ve lost the ability to create, think, or have real relationships.Futuristic science fiction is at its best when it makes us take a hard look at our own world.You can view samples of our professional work here.

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is based on a small waste collecting robot who unwillingly embarks on a space journey that decides the fate of mankind.

Wall-E stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter- Earth class, and Eve stands for Extra-terrestrial Vegetative Extractor.

The importance of protecting the environment -- and the consequences of inaction and greed in the face of potential environmental catastrophe -- are a cornerstone to this movie.

Other themes include loyalty, friendship, courage, perseverance, teamwork, and staying positive. They're sweet, conscientious, loyal truth-seekers who are able to transcend technology and develop the capacity for love.

These include the environmental messages, nostalgia and dystopia.

As well as reviewing the film itself to see if there is any pattern forming to link all the elements together.A gang of rogue robots faces off against similarly mechanical peacekeepers; their conflict is more funny than scary. Excessive consumerism is one of the movie's themes.It's personified by the Buy N Large mega-corporation, which seems to own and operate everything in WALL-E's world. Also lots of tie-ins outside the movie for WALL-E merchandise, from toys to books and more.'s atmospheric, virtually dialogue-free first half-hour. They'll still enjoy it, but -- unlike older kids and grown-ups -- they won't be that impressed by how much is said with so few words.But the action (which includes some robot fights, weapons being fired, explosions, and chase scenes) picks up soon enough.“I don’t have a political bent or ecological message to push,” Stanton told New York magazine.“I don't mind that it supports that kind of view — it’s certainly a good-citizen kind of way to be — but everything I wanted to do was based on the film’s love story, the last robot on Earth, the sentence that we first came up with in 1994.” Whether or not Stanton “meant” it to be an environmental tale is irrelevant.Robot EVE has a powerful gun in one of her arms, which she doesn't hesitate to fire at possible threats (including, early on, WALL-E).At one point, in frustration, she sets off a series of vivid explosions in old oil tankers that could scare some very little kids.And with the planet’s future — and the living conditions of its inhabitants — on everyone’s mind following President Donald Trump’s announcement that the United States will be leaving the Paris agreement, may be exactly the kind of movie we need to revisit.Surprisingly enough, the film’s genius is probably due to Stanton’s assiduous efforts to stay “neutral.” There are no familiar slogans or symbols easily identified with a politicized notion of the environment anywhere in .


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