What Is The Thesis Of Black Men And Public Space

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People reacted differently to a new me and my emotions were not the same as before when people judged me as a shy and hard to approach girl. People are quick to judge and can mistaken someone for who they really are.

Physical appearance can change the way people conceive who you are and categorize you in a group.

The general purpose of Staples essay was to inform the readers that stereotypes could affect African Americans and any other races.

In my opinion, I agree with Brent Staples and his view on the public when they misjudge him.

On one of his usual nightly walks he encountered a white woman.

She took a couple glances at him and soon began to walk faster and avoided him that night.Staples technique’s of changing his appearance did not really adjust the way others looked at him.Brent Staples tried to convince others that he was not who they judged him to be.The first time people see me they think I am a mean person because the way I look.When I walk, I do not have smile on my face so it looks like I am intimidating to talk to.He changed the way he physically appeared to be so that people would be less likely to put on a stereotype about African Americans on him.There were various times I experienced people misjudging my shyness for being mean.As stated before, I purposely tried to smile and look less intimidating.This got me into a better mood and gave me happy thoughts.“I whistle melodies from Beethoven and Vivaldi and the more popular classical composers” (Staples 226).Whistling got people to feel calmer around him, for he writes, “and occasionally they even join in the tune” (Staples 226).


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