White Collar Crime Research Paper

Legal advisors and law experts proceed with their question in regards to the grounds and degree for cubicle criminal acts....

[tags: Criminology, Theft, White-collar crime] - The definition of crime can be defined by Tappan (1947 in [Walsh 2012: 2] as “an international act in violation of the criminal law committed without defense or excuse, and penalized by the state”, thereby insinuating that a violation of the criminal law results in a prescribed punishment.

[tags: Criminology, Crime, Theft, White-collar crime] - How Did American White Collar Crime Transform. Halfway through Genesis in the Old Testament rests dialogue of an early white-collar offence, where “Jacob convinced Esau to sign over a birthright in return for a bowl of lukewarm gruel” (Kirn, 2012).

Records from ancient times include identification of and sanctions against fraud carried out in the context of various types of commercial transactions (Friedrichs, 2010).

Word count: 1840 White collar crime can only be described as a non-violent crime that someone has committed most likely for their financial gain.

Sometimes the typical white collar criminal could be an office worker, manager of a business, possibly a fund manager or an executive of a business.

Most of the time, it is the offender that is looked at more than the crime itself and assumptions about the individuals automatically come into play.

It has be to acknowledged that “ class or organizational position are consequential and play a more complex role in creating opportunities for wrongdoing and in shaping and frustrating the social cont...

Individuals commit these crimes through illegitimate means in order for the company or enterprise within which they are employed to obtain monetary gains....

[tags: Criminology, Theft, White-collar crime, Crime] - Review the development of ‘white collar crime’ as a concept within criminology.


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