Women'S Studies Research Paper

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Women and gender studies contribute greatly to our understanding of the social and cultural world we inhabit.

Gender and sexuality are typically the primary points of entry into course material, but the significance of intersecting identities is also a prominent academic purpose.

At its core, GSWS as a subject examines the pervasiveness of sexism/misogyny and other oppressions in our society and culture, and attempts to deconstruct these structures to better understand them.

One consequence of this is the fact that many of the professors teaching GSWS courses are often teaching cross-listed courses and might even primarily teach in another department.

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GSWS classes are commonly cross-listed with classes in history, political science, English, philosophy, health, theater, classics, or environmental studies.This course of women and gender studies, as would all courses, have produced awareness by coherently explaining the situations women are facing in the world today.One may not know of theses situations until taught. Followers of Sikhism are forbidden to cut any hair on their bodies. Did you know that in the Sikh religion hair is sacred?A woman at my dental office recently shared with me that she won shooting awards when she was a Marine, and recently completed a class on carrying concealed weapons. But when it happens to your best friend, the gloves come off. Contrast that with the obsession many Western women have with every single hair on their bodies. We are drawn to stories in which cheating plays a part, and are willing to shrug off cheating when we believe it results in true love.A growing population of women’s activists can be attributed to the growing number of courses being offered and information available.Only a few decades ago this would not have been heard of.Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies is an area of academia that focuses on, somewhat obviously, gender, sexuality, and women's studies.In GSWS, critically examining the world around us with regards to power, privilege, and marginalized groups and identities is at the forefront of all topics.


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