World History Research Paper Rubric

World History Research Paper Rubric-70
In this statement, the author should set out their topic so the reader knows exactly what they are going to be reading about.

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Rubrics are especially useful when grading written work, as they provide a template for grading each student, even when their writing style and topic may vary.

This lesson will provide an example of a rubric you can use when assessing research papers.

If you were writing a paper about a war, you wouldn't first start with a major battle, jump back to the causes of the war, jump forward to the outcome of the war, and jump back to explain who was fighting. Any topic you could write about can be clearly organized into a natural progression of ideas and facts.

The example mentioned above would earn a zero in this category on the rubric.

If you've ever taken a class, taught a class, or learned about teaching, you have probably seen a rubric.

World History Research Paper Rubric Unisa Assignment Answers

Rubrics are commonly used tools to set expectations and assess student work.Because a thesis statement is such an important part of an essay or paper, it often gets its own scoring category on a rubric.For our example rubric, the category 'Thesis Statement' covers this.There are a variety of formats for bibliographies, depending on what writing style your students are using. For example, you might set a certain number of required sources in the rubric.Students that meet that number of sources earn a higher score, while students that fall short of that number earn a lower score.When grading a research paper, if the author has clearly reinforced all of their claims with sources, they would earn a three in this category.If the author makes many claims that do not have sources, they would obviously earn a lower score, all the way down to zero.When you are writing a research paper, it is incredibly important that everything you state can be backed up with a source.For example, if you claimed that the Titanic was painted pink with purple stripes, you would need a source to support that assertion, so readers know you are not just making things up.For example, 0-2 errors might earn a three on the rubric, while more than 6 errors would earn a zero.Thesis Statement: 3- Thesis statement clearly outlined the ideas and topic of the paper and was engaging to read.


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