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Help the editor identify appropriate reviewers, especially for papers that use unusual methodologies or have a limited number of qualified experts.allow you to ask several editors from different journals at the same time whether your paper might be something they would be interested in seeing.Tell them what you like about their journal and offer ideas for making it stronger.

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When it comes to submitting research papers, writing a cover letter can be rather daunting for young researchers.

On the other hand, senior researchers might not pay as much attention to writing a cover letter.

Although it is unethical to submit your paper to multiple journals simultaneously, this is allowed for these inquiries.

This can save you time by having editors tell you that this is not a subject that they would publish, and for the one with the most positive feedback, you have them anticipating your submission, which can make it stand out from the competition.

The important question that is answered in this paper is X and that is important because of Y.

Describe any related papers that you have submitted or will submit soon.

The editor must believe that your paper will increase the impact factor for that journal. Regards, Rick Reis [email protected] NEXT: Volition: When the Going Gets Tough, What Do Good Students Do?

The editor must be able to easily understand what is new in your paper and why they should care. Wolters Kluwer, Publishing Company, Two Commerce Square , 2001 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103, 2017 by Wolters Kluwer. Tomorrow’s Research ---------- 1,766 words ---------- Write a Persuasive Cover Letter (for Your Research Paper Submission) One editor was most annoyed by: The cover letter is much more important than many authors realize.

It will also help them decide whether the manuscript will require any specific experts during the peer review process.

Thus, journals would usually welcome the addition of a brief summary of your research.


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