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So give the process—and yourself—time to sit, ruminate, play with ideas, jot a few notes, write a few words, wander to the window, come back, take a swig of iced tea, and write a few sentences.Maybe you label these actions as diversions or procrastinations.

We can’t deny it: writing your dissertation is hard.

All that time you devote to research is a worthy endeavor but, no matter how many plums you’ve collected, at some point you know you’re stalling.

When one of my clients turned in her dissertation, Turnitin tagged every use of the most generic words and phrases that were at the heart of her topic and research! Witness only one scandal that made headlines: Seven years after Montana Senator John Walsh’s award of his master’s, the Army War College found out that he had plagiarized his thesis.

(We wrote a strong letter to her chair pointing out the deficiencies— and she passed this hurdle.) Nevertheless, your university probably requires you to put your dissertation through the Turnitin wringer. The college revoked his degree, and he dropped out of the Senate race (“Army War College Revokes,” 2014; Bailey, 2014).

If you want a thesis bound, single sided, use the Recto template; if double-sided, customise the gutter margin on mirror pages in Word, or set the Inside and Outside margins based on the templates below: In addition, the Library recommends that you keep all other margins uniform and at least 20mm, including for any appendices, tables and figures, photographs, or other illustrations you might include in your thesis.

Following these recommendations will ensure that your entire text and page numbers remain intact when your thesis is trimmed during the binding process.Save time and checking by collecting all the necessary data for each reference, at the time of consulting the works concerned.Managing your references - guide to recommended software for in-text and bibliography tasks.Do some of the exercises in Greene and Lidinsky’s (2014) , not only for reading and writing in academic style but also for thinking and extracting the essence of articles (this book will help too in your literature review).Practice To write good Dissertationese dialect that doesn’t get you kicked out of the kingdom of Academe takes practice.Consult thesis writing guides, previous theses in your discipline, and your supervisor.There can be variations within disciplines on content and style.Check their details on layout, structure, writing style and formatting. University of Otago Regulations and Library guidelines are in other tabs in this box.Use the Insert Footnote function in your word processing software to get consistency.Don’t Copy Of course, I need not remind you never to copy passages verbatim, as brilliantly as they may accord with your topic, without the proper citations.You never know when that ugly word will catch up with you, although definitions of plagiarism vary among faculty (Martin, 2005).


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